Montana Fishburne Sex Tape

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Montana Fishburne Sex Tape

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Montana Fishburne Montana Fishburne Sex Sexy Montana Fishburne

Montana Fishburne is a daughter of A-list celebrity Laurence Fishburne and Hajna O. Moss. Her sex tape has been released 10th August 2010.
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We had gone to a beach resort city to relax in the sun for a few days. The hotel we were staying in was on the water. It had a nice beach and the water was very calm as it was an inlet cove.

The first few days were un-eventful. My wife and I just hung around on the beach. We both had done some snorkeling but what my wife most wanted was to lie out in the sun and work on her tan. My wife is 35 years old, 5'3" tall, and has 36C tits. She only weighs 110lbs with a very nicely shaped ass. As she is very modest about her appearance I had convinced her to wear a thong bikini while we were on this vacation.

So there she was laying face down with her perfectly shaped ass exposed for anyone to see. She looked hot. She had also undone her top so unless someone was standing right next to her she looked like she was naked. I was preparing for a snorkeling trip around the lagoon. As I watched her while I backed into the bay I couldn't help but think, "Damn, she is hot".

I swam for about 15 min, looking towards my wife now and then. The last time I looked her way I was pretty far away and could only make out the general direction where she was. It looked to me like a few people were standing around in her location. I continued to snorkel with no worries.

I was in the middle of the bay when I looked towards my wife. I could see her towel as I was closer now. She was not there. I scanned the beach and notice my wife walking with a couple of men in the direction away from the crowded portion of the beach. It appeared they were heading for the rocks. She didn't look distressed and they were all walking very casual. Damn she looked good. So I continued my exploration of the bay.

A few minutes later I looked in the direction of the rocky portion of the bay. I saw my wife sitting on a rock and the two men leaning against the rock walls. Since I was heading across the bay in the same direction I had a pretty clear view. Once again I continued with my own interests.

The next time I surfaced I was closer to the rocks but farther out away from the beach. I could see my wife and the men were in a nook that was obscured to the beach. They appeared to be laughing and I watched as one of the men moved closer to my wife and began tickling her. She was laughing and fighting back. Then the second man moved in behind her and grabbed her hands to allow, what I assumed to be, his friend unabated access for his tickling.

My wife was struggling pretty hard though she was laughing. During this flirtatious battle my wife's tits were beginning to free themselves. Once both her nipples were exposed from the inside of her biking top the tickler stopped. They all stood still for a few seconds while the men were looking right at my wife's tits. She also stopped struggling and she appeared to be watching the guy that was tickling her and waiting for what ever was to happen next.

The man in front of my wife moved his body right up close to hers. He leaned in and started kissing my wife. From what I could see it looked like she was kissing him back. As I watched the guy kissing my wife ran his hands up her sides and on to her tits. He was alternating pulling on her nipples and squeezing her tits.

The man behind my wife continued to hold her arms behind her back. I saw him adjust his grip so he had her wrists held with only one hand. He slid his free hand up her back and untied her bikini top from both around her neck and back. As I watched my wife's top fall to the ground I also caught the movement of a hand from behind her moving down her tummy and start rubbing her pussy through her bathing suit.

Now this was quit a show. Here I was watching my wife getting molested by to men. For the record it didn't look like she was putting up much, if any, of a fight. The man holding her arms now moved his hand into her bottoms and was feeling here pussy without any obstruction. My wife really looked like she was enjoying what was happening to her. She was kissing one guy as the other was kissing her neck and she was moving her hips in time with the fingers in her pussy.

The man behind my wife released her arms and put both hand on her hips and pulled her swimsuit bottoms down to her knees. My wife placed one hand on his arm and the other on the shoulder of the other man. The man behind her lowered himself so his face was level with her ass. Then he buried his face between her legs. I watched as my wife moved her legs apart to give him better access.

The man if front of her stopped kissing her and took a step back pulling on my wife's head. They must have been of the same mind as she moved in perfect unison bending at the waist, lowering her head and placing both her hands on his waist. As she did this she pulled his swim trunks down exposing his hard cock. She then placed her hands on his hips, steadying herself as she opened her mouth to take in his swollen organ. She started sucking him with a fever I have only seen once of twice.

As she was bent over, the guy with his face buried in her ass was granted ultimate access. It wasn't long before he stood, dropped his trunks and started running the head of his cock up and down her pussy. I could see her moving back like she was trying to get him to enter her. It didn't take much longer for him to true up his shaft and push forward and enter her pussy with his hard on. I saw the muscles in her legs flex and she pushed back onto his rod. When he started to pump his cock in and out of her pussy she would shove back in time with each of his thrusts.

Montana Fishburne Sex Tape

They were really putting on a good show. I had my hand on my hard cock as I was treading water watching my adulterous wife taking on those two guys. I started to move towards them and spotted my landing point just up the shore enough not to interrupt them. As I move closer I watched as they changed position. My wife knelt down onto her hands and knees as the two men switched position. I could hear the grunts and groans as I approached. My wife was making these great little squealing noises. She was really fired up.

I reached the rocks and slowly pulled myself out of the water. My cock was making a noticeable tent in my shorts. I quickly exited my fins and dumped my snorkel and mask. I moved up behind some rocks until I had a position just above the three lovers. I could see that they had changed positions again. One man was laying back on a large rock with his feet on the ground. My wife was laying on him with her back to him. My timing was impeccable as the other man moved up between my wife's legs and guided his member into her pussy. I have seen this in pornos but have never seen it live. My wife was taking a cock in her pussy and a cock in her arse at the same time. All three of them looked like they were really into it.

I couldn't take it any more so I climbed down the rocks right next to my wife's head. She was kissing the guy on top of her and the guy below her didn't seem to care that another had joined their scene. I quickly released my cock from my shorts. I placed a hand on the side of my wife's face and turned her towards my cock. She instinctively opened her mouth and sucked my cock in. She was sucking my like she never did before. She was sucking me hard as if she was possessed.

The guy fucking her pussy gave me a smile and squeezed her tits together as if to say, "look at these". Then he proceeded to squeeze her tits and then pull her nipples way out from her body. My wife squealed and wiggled with pain or pleasure or both. She didn't stop sucking my cock and I thought that was one of the sexiest things I ever saw. I started to blow my load right then. My wife took it all in and made the greatest swallowing sounds. The guy underneath her started grunting and really bucking her up and down. I was pretty sure he had reached release. The guy in her pussy started cuming also.

My wife let out a loud guttural noise in her throat and all her muscles tensed as I'm sure she was having an orgasm. She kept my cock in her mouth the entire time. I never did go soft. The guy in her pussy pulled out and stepped back to lean against the rocks. The guy under her helped to ease her off of his cock and she stepped into my arms. She hadn't really looked at me yet.

I ran a hand down her back to her buttocks and slid a couple of fingers over her cum covered holes. My other hand had made it up her side and her tit. My wife lifted her head and started to lean it back when she finally looked me in my face. Her body shuddered and I could see slight terror in her eyes. She started to pull away but I squeezed her and gave a look to say knock it off. She was a little stiff but she didn't try to push me away.

I turned her around so I was behind her and she was facing the others there. I continued to feel her pussy and squeeze her tits. My cock never did soften and it was back to bone hard now so I lowered my body and moved my cock up between my wife's legs and into her wet pussy. I slowly pumped in and out of her as we stood there in front of those men.

I continued to rub her clit and roll her nipples in my fingers. The men started to stroke their hardening cocks as they watched me pump in and out of her pussy. Both men moved closer to each other, and then they grabbed my wife's hands and pulled her down to their cocks. She used her hands and her mouth to work their two cocks as I continued to stroke in and out of her very wet pussy.

I fucked my wife while she stroked and sucked those two guys. It took us all a fair amount of time to achieve our O's. My wife sucked one cock dry then she sucked the other without spilling a drop. I blew my load shortly there after.

My wife located her swimsuit and proceeded to put it on. The other two lads were busy straightening out there suits. I returned to my snorkel gear. When I re-joined my wife the two lads were giving her their good by hugs, squeezes, groping, and kisses. We all walked away from our hidden spot in the rocks heading for the populated beach.

When my wife and I were back at her towel I asked her what had inspired such activities. As she methodically stowed her stuff in her beach bag, she told me the story of the two guys approach and their great domineer. She spoke of nice complements and their relaxed confidence and sexy comments and topics. As she put it, "one thing led to another".

Nothing that exciting happened for the rest of the vacation. You wouldn't have known such a situation had taken place by the way she acted the rest of the time we were there.
Montana Fishburne Sex Tape