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Last summer Judy and I decided to take our 26' cuddy cabin on a cruise along the coastal/intercoastal water way from Tampa through the keys to Jacksonville...we planned on a three week trip. We decided to take one of my good friends, Wayne with us. He was going to bring a girl from his office building, Jean. Jean was going to have to leave us early since she had to be back to work...she would leave us at Fort Lauderdale. We spent several weeks planning our trip. We had the boat docked at John's Pass near Tampa and we drove my truck and trailer up to Jacksonville for the boat's return trip. We started on a Saturday morning in late July. Things got off to a great start. We figured to sleep in our small, but adequate, cabin, on deck if the weather permitted, in a tent if we beached the boat, and on occasion, a marine motel along the way. It was going to be a fun trip.

By mid afternoon of the first day we were all enjoying the sun. Judy and Jean were in very skimpy thong bikinis laying out up forward. We decided to pull into a quiet cove and swim and have lunch. The girls dived in and we followed....having a great time. I got out to start the grill and Wayne got some drinks ready. The girls were still in the water but got quiet...Jean hollered 'hey guys' and tossed her swim suit at Wayne and I...Judy's suit soon followed. The girls were totally naked in the water. We had known Wayne for years and talked about him during sex...we often fantasized about Judy being naked around him. We only knew Jean a few weeks. This really was going to be an interesting vacation!

The girls swam up to the boat and leaned against the swim deck. They said that since we were going to be living in such close quarters we should dispense with being shy. With that, they pulled their naked bodies out of the water and climbed up into the boat. Both of us were trying to hide the bulges in our swim suits.

During the next couple of days we hardly ever had clothes on; since the guys decided to join the girls. This made for some interesting situations when approaching close to shore and other boats. The girls made it a point of standing in the bow and waving frantically whenever somebody neared us. Of course, totally naked!

There was no exchanging partners or such while Jean was on board; but, that would change when we dropped her off in Ft Lauderdale.

We played on deserted islands, painted each other's bodies, had mud fights and did all sorts of crazy things. It was so erotic seeing Judy and Wayne rolling in the surf as they fought or played games.

On the trip north after Ft Lauderdale we stopped and beached at a wide stretch of deserted beach. We decided to spend the night ashore in a tent. We cooked over a fire, drinking and telling stories. We got into telling sexy secrets and Judy told Wayne about some of our fantasies... We were all pretty 'happy' when we turned in. We brought only one air mattress ashore and Judy crawled in between Wayne and I. She rolled close to me and whispered 'can I''. I knew exactly what she wanted and I said 'I would be thrilled'. She rolled over and faced Wayne and soon the two of them were entwined. I put on the small camp lite....I told them that I wanted to enjoy this, too.

I watched as Wayne put her nipple in his mouth and flick is tongue on the tip and listened to Judy moan. His hand was between her leg playing with her and she was totally enjoying it. He couldn't wait. He rolled over and entered her immediately. He must have been waiting for this moment...believe me! So was I!

He rode her hard and she loved it. She raised her legs to let him get further in. He came so fast that I don't think Judy had time to....but, he didn't get soft...just kept on going. Soon I could tell that Judy was ready. She came louder that I had ever heard.

When Wayne rolled off I couldn't wait and I entered her right away. She was so turned on that before the night was over she came at least three more times.

The next morning it was like Judy belonged to the both of us. That was what it was like the rest of the trip. Several times they would start having sex at the most unusual times. Once right on the bow in plain sight of a beach full of people. They really enjoyed it in the water while Judy held on to the boat or on the beaches. It was such a turn on watching them laying on the beach and sex with the chance of somebody coming along.

Sometimes it was so impromptu, Judy would be standing there beside me while I was at the helm and he would walk up behind her and she would spread her legs and he would enter her. They were like this when we passed a casino boat going out to see. Not only were we naked and waving, but, Judy and Wayne were fucking standing up!

Judy knew that it was such a turn on for me to have her look me right in the eyes as she was being fucked and she did it often.

We all thought that it was a turn on to be in the public doing some of these things. There must have been hundreds of people that saw Judy naked during the trip. When we had to pull into port she wore as little as she could....usually a t-shirt with nothing on...lots of opportunity to flash when bending over to handle the lines. She really enjoyed waving to the fishing boats as we passed them. She would stand as far forward for maximum exposure. It was great!

Since the trip our relationship with Wayne as really developed. He is seeing another girl, Jean, was just a temporary thing. But, he still comes to visit and spends time with us. We have a great time by the pool...always without suits!