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After getting my wife to expose herself while driving home from a dinner I was determined to get her back into the fun we used to have when we would go out and she would let parts of her body become exposed.

If I haven't previously described my wife, she's from Mozambique, with kind of a coffee complection. She's pretty petite, slim, about 5' 2 and 105 lbs. with a really cute, round little ass that begs to be grabbed. She has 34b size breasts that are what people call "hangers" because when she bends over they hang down and sway back and forth easily as she moves. But the sexiest part of her breasts are her nipples. The areolas aren't big, about the size of a half-dollar, but the nipples themselves are huge. They are always erect, really thick, and stick out more than an inch long.

I realized the key to getting her to expose herself was getting her a little drunk, which always got her really horny, but not too drunk that she didn't know what she was doing. The drinking also served as a good excuse for her to afterwards explain her wild behavior.

She had a company party coming up and I thought this would be the perfect occasion to get her a little drunk and expose herself a little bit to some of the guys. Although many of the guys she worked with were nothing to look at, I knew she thought some were pretty cute, and I knew she even used to have a little crush on a few of the younger, good looking ones.

For the occasion I bought my wife a really sexy little black mini-dress. It was extremely short, barely reaching past the bottom of her cute little ass. It also had a really low cut cowl neck that drooped open almost to her navel. I knew I could never convince her to wear this as a dress (it really did look more like just a blouse) so I bought some opaque black stockings and a nice satin push up bra, the type that was made to be a visible part of an outfit. With the stockings and bra it didn't look like anything overtly revealing and she wore it with no protest. My plan was to wait out the two or three couples that we were friendly with and went out with occasionally, knowing that my wife would never get drunk and wild as long as they were there. They usually left these company parties fairly early, then I could start getting my wife a little drunk and see if I could convince her to remove the bra and stockings after she got sufficiently buzzed and horny.

Sure enough the other couples left shortly after midnight leaving us free to continue on by ourselves. As the night wore on my Keetani was getting pretty smashed and having a great time as well. I thought, what the hell, let me at least see if I could first get her to take her bra off. She gave me no argument, slipped into the ladies room and returned noticeably braless with her tits swaying from side to side and her huge erect nipples poking out through the thin fabric. Nobody seemed to pay any special attention to her as it was crowded and dark with a lot of people dancing and moving about.

A number of the guys and girls from her department were out on the dance floor and my wife dragged me out to join them. I really hate dancing but usually danced a few just to make my wife happy whenever we went out. As she was moving about on the dance floor every once in a while the opening in her top would allow a nipple to be totally exposed for a second or two. After a while we took a rest at a little table off to the back of the room. We had a few more drinks and I knew my wife was anxious to get back out on the dance floor. Just then, one of the cute guys she liked politely asked me if it would be OK for him to ask my wife for a dance. Being a terrible dancer, I only do it because my wife loves to dance, I said sure, as long as it was alright with her. She was really happy that I was agreeable to her dancing with someone else. She kissed me and said she would just dance one or two songs and be right back. Sure enough she was back before too long and seemed to be really having a good time.

It was quite warm in the club and after the fast dances she was sweating and out of breath. As she started on another drink I suggested it would be a lot cooler if she took her stockings off. She laughed and said that it sounded like a great idea to her, and she made another quick trip to the ladies room and returned bare legged in her short little mini dress. Just as she was nearing our table another one of her co-workers intercepted her and apparently asked her to dance. She just looked over at me, shrugged her shoulders and followed him out to the dance floor.

After a while she returned to our table, smiling broadly and obviously having a really good time. She barely sipped her drink before one of the other guys showed up to take her back out on the floor. I finished my drink and went to see if I could find her on the dance. This place was really large and I couldn't seem to find her anywhere. It was really hard for me to move about because the party was so packed and people were dancing everywhere there was space, and moving through all this took time. Finally after half an hour I spotted her. I watched her dance for a minute or two as I tried to make my way over to her. Keetani was moving much more wildly than when she was dancing with me, and as she bounced around so were her tits. It wasn't like before were someone might just get a glimpse of an exposed nipple once in a while, now the low cowl neck of her dressed sagged really low and open allowing a great view of both of her tits as they bounced and swayed. No sooner had I noticed her exposed tits when she suddenly spun around causing her short dress to flare out. I couldn't believe what I saw. I had assumed that when she had gotten dressed that she had put on panties underneath her stockings, but I was obviously wrong. As she spun, the dress flared out and lifted up. Her shaved little pussy was clearly visible to everyone. I was so unnerved I was shaking.

I was maybe a little upset that she hadn't told me that she was naked underneath her dress, but then I remembered that she never really made it back to our table after she removed her stockings, so I guess I couldn't blame her for not mentioning it. As I watched her dance I also noticed that every one of the guys she works with were all out on the dance floor with her. She would spin over to one of the guys and they would hold her close and dance with her before spinning her off to someone else.

I was just about to go over and get her when someone grabbed my arm, turned me around and yelled, "Hey Robert, I haven't talked to you in a long time, how the hell are you?"

It was some guy she worked with that I hardly even knew. He just kept talking to me though, and every time I tried to get away he would ask me something else. Finally as ten minutes, I got rid of this guy and I made my way through the crowd to see if I could find her.

After searching for more than two hours I finally saw her coming out of the ladies room. I forced my way over to her and grabbed her arm. She saw me and instantly threw her arms around me, kissed me, and said, "There you are, I was wondering where you were."

The guys that were gathered around the area seemed to be disappointed that I was taking her away, but everyone was smiling and having a great time so I didn't make a big deal about her being away from me for so long. I thought we should wrap up our evening and head home, and my wife said sure, she was ready to go too. We said goodbye to everybody and headed out to the parking lot.

We got to our car and as soon as I opened her door she flopped down exhausted into the seat. I went around to the other side, and as I got in I noticed that when she had flopped down onto her seat the bottom of her dress ended up above her waist and her legs had fallen open totally exposing her pussy. The top of the dress had twisted and one tit was hanging out. She paid absolutely no attention to this. As I started driving I turned to talk to her and saw that she was non-chalantly playing with her pussy.

I chuckled and said, "Wow, you must be really horny."

She laughed and said, "You don't know the half of it."

That really got my attention. I didn't want her to get defensive, so I just laughed along with her and said, "What do you mean?"

She was at a point that she obviously didn't have a care in the world and didn't hesitate to tell me everything that happened, as if it was no big deal. She said that she had such a good time tonight and we should really do this more often. I told her that I had lost track of her before she came out of the ladies room and I hadn't been able to find her for like two hours.

She closed her eyes and seemed to be trying to remember. "Oh yeah," she said, "Jeffery grabbed my arm and just whisked me out to the dance floor."

When I mentioned that she never told me she wasn't wearing any panties she smiled widely and said, "I know, that was supposed to be a surprise for you."

She laughed a little bit then added, " It turned out to be quite a surprise for Jeffery though."

She turned her head to look at me, smiled and said, "You should have seen the look on his face when he first saw my naked pussy, it was hysterical.

"His jaw dropped open, and I thought his eyes might pop right out of his head," she said, still laughing. "Then, after one of my spins I kind of lost my balance, but thankfully Jeffery caught me."

"I'm sure Jeffery was thankful to catch you too," I said.

"Oh yeah, as he caught me I fell right against him and I could feel that he had a huge hard on," she said excitedly.

"You mean you felt it on your leg?" I asked.

"Well at first," she giggled, "But I wanted to check it better so I just reached down and grabbed it. It was really hard, and really huge!"

I tried to sound casual and asked, "How huge? I'm sure it was bigger than mine."

"Oh my God, MUCH bigger than yours," she answered.

"What, like 6 or 7 inches?" I asked.

I was always embarrassed by my small penis, it was barely 3 inches hard and about the size of a thimble when it was soft, so I had developed something of an obsession about cock size.

My wife just smiled and said, "It was more like 9 or 10." Then she turned to look at me again, her eyes opened up really wide and she added, "But it was NOTHING compared to William's."

William was a tall, black guy from England. Really good looking with dimples, slim physique and charming. I remembered her telling me how all the girls at work went crazy over him. Now it might seem cliche or even a little racist to re-enforce the stereotype about black guys being well hung, but from what I've seen and heard, and from what my wife told me this was one stereotype that apparently was pretty accurate.

Keetani is from Mozambiqueand and we took a trip back to visit her family a few years back. We spent a couple of days at a popular hot spring resort about 50 miles from her family's house. The resort consisted of a really nice hotel, a number of restaurants, two swimming pools that were fed from the springs, and a series of large open air baths. There were separate baths for men and women and within each bathhouse everyone was naked. Without exaggerating virtually all of the guys had enormous cocks. Even soft, most hung down 6 or 7 inches, some looked to be even bigger. A few times I saw guys get erections while washing up and I swear I saw a couple of dicks at least a foot long. Needless to say I always tried to keep my tiny penis hidden from view, but honestly, nobody really seemed to care anyway.

So in my experience, many black guys, especially Africans, were usually hung pretty big. When I first met my wife she was still with her boyfriend from back home. They came to the U.S. together and were still a couple. She says he turned into a real asshole after they came here.

They use to go out partying quite a bit and they both would get drunk. She would get horny and just want to go home and fuck, but he wanted to stay and drink with his friends, often until he was too drunk to walk. He also got real possessive and jealous, always accusing her of flirting with other guys, and getting into bar fights sometimes because of it.

So when I entered the picture she was really ready for a change. It didn't take much for her to finally dump him and move in with me. I asked her sometimes how she ended up being with such an asshole. She said that he wasn't always like that, plus the there were other things about him that she really liked.

I said as a joke, "What, did he have a really big dick?"

She kind of gasped and said, "Oh my God, how did you know?"

She said that the first time they went out they got drunk and ended up back at his apartment. They had just gotten through the door and they started kissing and kind of feeling each other up when she happen to look down.

She said, "His pants were sticking way out to here."

She then held her hand about a foot away from the front of my pants.

I was surprised, and said, "Wow, exactly how big was it?"

She said it was about 12" long and about as big around as an empty paper towel roll. That was intimidating enough, but she also said he would often fuck her all night long, easily 8 or 10 times in a row without even losing his hard on in between. Obviously, this was why she stayed with him for so long, but I guess he turned into an even bigger dick than what hung between his legs, and she finally had enough of his behavior and left him for me.

But now, getting back to what happened at the party. After her exclamation about how Jeffery's 10 inch cock was big, but it was NOTHING compared to William's, I asked her how she knew that.

"Were some of the other girls talking about it?" I asked.

"No," she said, "I saw it."

As she started to tell me how she ended up seeing it, I noticed that her hand, which was still resting on her pussy, started moving as she slowly began to rub her clit again. It was obvious that she was too drunk, and too horny to care anything at all about what she was telling me.

"Well," she said, "As I was feeling Jeffery's hard cock, he reached under my dress and grabbed the cheeck of my ass. As he squeezed my butt his finger ended up right on my little ass hole, so he just pressed a little harder and slid his finger right inside my ass. You know how horny that makes me, so I started to kind of rub my pussy against his big dick.

"Then he grabbed me by the hand and led me down some hall. I didn't know where he was taking me, I guess I was too drunk and too horny to care either. Somehow we ended up in this room. It was pretty dark but it looked like some kind of office or something. He pulled my dress off I guess because suddenly I was totally naked. He lowered me down onto the carpet and laid on top of me. He started sucking on my nipples and my pussy just got so hot I couldn't stand it. Then all of a sudden his cock was inside me. My pussy was so wet he just slid that huge thing right in Oh honey, it felt SO GOOD when he started fucking me really fast that I came really quickly, and then he came really hard too. It felt sooo goood."

I was amazed that she was telling me this story as casually as if she was telling me about a normal day at work. As if getting fucked by someone else in the back room of some nightclub was no big deal.

I asked her how she ended up seeing how big Williams dick was and she said, "Oh, I was just getting to that part."

"After Jeffery was done fucking me, I opened my eyes and noticed that the lights were on now and it was really bright in the room. As I looked around, somehow all the guys from work were in the room now too. And you wouldn't believe it honey, they all had there dicks out I guess they were all jerking off while watching Jeffery fuck me."

She kind of giggled just then and said, "It was so funny, they didn't even care that I could see all of their naked dicks. And some of them kept jerking off, even though they knew I was looking at them.

"Every guy that worked at the company was there, and none of them seemed to be embarrassed that I could see all of their hard cocks. I could even see all of their balls. Some of the guys had hard little balls that looked like a little golf ball stuck right underneath their dicks, and other guys had really huge balls that hung down low and swung back and forth as they jerked off. It was so funny to see them.

"I was starting to get a little horny again while watching all these guys. I recognized a lot of the guys. You know those skinny little computer geeks, I think, Georgie, Ted, and maybe Larry, I was so surprised, they had pretty big cocks for such short little guys.

"Some of the big tall guys had really tiny little dicks like yours though. See, I always told you that yours wasn't the smallest one. Do you remember Tom, that little chubby guy in accounting? I think he might have had one that was even TINIER than yours. It looked like it was only about 2 inches long, can you believe it? He held it with only the tips of his thumb and finger and was just shaking it really fast. Right as I was looking at him, all of a sudden he ran over to me, reached down and grabbed my tittie. As soon as he touched me he came and his cute little dickie squirted right down onto my face.

"He looked so happy that I couldn't help but sit up and suck that little thing right between my lips. His whole body started shaking, and his soft little dick got hard again in a second, and then instantly squirted in my mouth. He was so happy, you should have seen him. Right then though, I heard a door open and close. Little Tom stepped away, and that is when I saw that William had entered the room."

"Did he have his dick out of his pants too?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she said, "He was totally naked and just standing in front of the door. I couldn't help but notice that his chest and arms were really muscular, and his abs were like those muscle guys you see on TV. But as my eyes followed his abs down that's when I saw his cock. It was unbelievable honey, I never, ever saw a cock like that in my whole life It was beyond huge I couldn't take my eyes off of it as it stuck straight out, huge and hard."

I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy faster now as she was describing his dick.

"Just as I was staring at his huge cock he started walking across the room toward me and I watched it swing back and forth with every step. As I watched him get closer I noticed that all the guys in the room had stopped jerking off. They still had their dicks out but were just watching William and his huge cock as he walked toward me. As soon as he got near me I just reached right out and grabbed that thing with both hands. It was as fat as a coke can and I could barely fit my hands around it. But it was the length that was so amazing."

"Was it bigger than your old boyfriend's?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she said, "I told you it was really huge."

"Geez, just how big was this thing?" I asked again.

She kind of giggled again and said, "I just knew you would want to know the exact size of it so I asked the computer geeks if any of them had a slide rule or something. They all laughed and said that nobody uses those things anymore, but one of them had this little pocket tape measure. It only went to twelve inches so I had to measure it in two sections"

Oh my God, I thought, how big could this guys cock really be?

"Well, I put the tape measure against his cock and pulled it out to 12 inches. I told the geek to put his finger right there on Williams cock to mark the spot," she said.

"Did he actually do that?" I asked.

"Sure, he seemed really excited to touch it and actually wrapped both of his hands right around it at that spot. I measured the second section from that mark, and at it went out to 6 inches."