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Jeremy gazed down at Alicia's shining face as he slowly massaged his aching member. She was on all fours on their king size bed, with her lovely rear end facing the headboard. Her mischievous grin lay no more than three inches beneath the swollen length of his cock. Her brunette curls looked a bit matted from the sweat they'd both been working up for more than an hour.

Alicia's moist lips pouted at him exaggeratedly, then parted in that mischievous smile again, revealing pearly teeth and a lazy tongue tip. "What are you gonna do with that thing?" she teased, nodding slightly at the thick penis above her face. She could see every ridge and vein.

"Oh, I think you know" replied her husband, trying to keep his tone light and playful even as his self-pleasuring grew to the tolerance level. His eyes moved from hers to travel over her healthy head of hair and then to her long, naked back. He could see the faint outline of her spine as he traveled on to where her hips flushed out, and the supple curves of her well-formed rump took over.

Beyond that was the mirror, propped against the bed's headboard at just the correct angle. It was simply the mirror that hung over the bedroom vanity, no more than 3 feet wide by 2 feet high, but Jeremy would never forget the night Alicia first slipped it off its hanger and placed it where it was right now.

"Now you can enjoy the parts you like best" were her words that evening, and he ought to have feared that his wife was accusing him of objectifying her....but, just had to know Alicia to understand otherwise, is all.

In the mirror was revealed the luxurious, somewhat shadowy cleft of her soft backside, and the frank, naked sight of her rear opening. Taken by itself her tight nether ring might be too clinical an image to be sexy, but nestled within the extravagance of her provocatively-parted bottom cheeks it actually came off as cute. The opening lay vulnerable and eye-catching within Alicia's valley -- a mysterious yet fully-revealed reflection that pouted open slightly due to the spread of her rear.

Beneath that was of course the coral-hued mouth of her sex, a vertical slit still showing moisture from the licking he'd administered not ten minutes before, an athletic and loving job that had brought his wife to several orgasms as she rode his face. Alicia indulged herself in a bit of shaving now and then to both of these private areas, usually while Jeremy closely observed, but just the right amount of brunette hairs remained to keep her looking like a full-grown woman.

And that she was, a woman with needs. In the reflection of the mirror he saw that she was running a hand under herself and moving her hips wider apart. A pair of long fingers came into view in the mirror and slowly, languidly petted her cunt.

This evening the two of them had indulged in a bottle of chardonnay, a bit of pepperjack cheese and crackers with a second course of salad nicoise....and then, each other. Jeremy's tongue and lips tasted of her pussy, as Alicia's breath held the aroma of aroused cock. The flavors of their meal were only a memory now. As Jeremy stroked his dick obscenely over his wife's flushed face his mind was full of the exquisite fucking they'd been up to, even as his eyes were filled with the sight of her scrumptious ass and the naughty fingers below.

"No, really" he heard his wife tease, "what are you gonna do with that big dick?"

Actually, it wasn't big like in the adult films they occasionally watched as a prelude to lovemaking, but to Alicia's close-up view of the moment, Jeremy's prick seemed positively gigantic. It was part of the reason she enjoyed this little ritual of theirs; she could indulge her own fantasy of being tooled on an oversize stick. Also, what man didn't like the term "big dick" as long as it was said about his own?

More important than his size: her husband's cock was thick and nicely formed, as well as a pretty, deep red-pink, two pleasing factors that had helped her fall in love with him in college and continued to make her happy after five years of marriage. She loved to lick it, stroke it, bring it to full size in her mouth and throat, and especially to ride it.

Plus, it was attached to a man who understood both her gentle and animal sides. Promiscuous to a fault before she'd met him, Alicia had never once thought of straying from Jeremy after their first night together. She wanted for nothing in the bedroom.

Her pussy had a nice soreness to it now, a pleasure-pain made more acute by her active fingers. And why shouldn't she be a little tender there?, Alicia mused, as she supported herself on one elbow and looked up at him, awaiting the warm spray of her husband's sperm as it would wash over her cheeks: she'd been thoroughly and lovingly fucked there, in her cunt, by a man who loved her. And, after that, he'd sucked her clit and tongued her all up and down her nether region for as long as she could stand it, until she had fallen back in exhaustion.

"What I'm going to do" Jeremy finally replied, looking her straight in the eye as he brushed the head of his penis across her cheek, "is to bring myself to climax."

"Oh?", she queried in a tone of mock alarm. "Right here, like this?"

"Uh huh."

"You mean, with my face right here?"

"That's my intention, yes." He continued to move his warm glans now across her forehead.

It was difficult for Jeremy to keep concentrating enough to continue their sexy banter, especially as he could see a faint trail of his pre-cum lining the skin over her eyebrows. He was surprised to have any pre-juice left at all, to be truthful, but there it was. He moved his hungry member down to her right cheek, just to the side of her nose, watching his wife flare her nostrils.

"I guess that means you like the show" Alicia observed. "It really gets you off." Her voice was matter-of-fact yet urgent, like a person talking just before the onset of a sneeze.

"You know it does." Jeremy inhaled heavily, his eyes returning to the mirror just in time to catch his wife withdrawing the full length of a finger from her pussy. It shone with moisture. He breathed out slowly.

Alicia could study the head of his dick growing nearly purple and the tip starting to flange out as Jeremy stroked it in a firm grip. It was an exciting view. She almost could see in advance the course his sperm would be taking up the tube running on the underside of his swollen cock, traveling from his hanging balls to...

But neither of them liked to see their ritual end. Not really. Sometimes he initiated the steps to prolong their lustful agony, sometimes it was she. Tonight she began:

"Are you going to get the camera?"

Jeremy froze and stared at her with surprise etched on his flushed face. His fist ceased to move. With his free hand he reached down to run his fingers through her hair, absently.

"You mean the video?"

She grinned up at him. "I guess tonight's your lucky night" she laughed throatily. "But hurry up, my elbow is starting to kill me."

Without a word he was off the bed, hard-on bobbing before him, and quickly into the walk-in closet. Jeremy was a photo-journalist with a loaded camera of one sort or another in an overnight bag, or a suitcase, in seemingly every closet in their house, and at least two in the car. It didn't take him long to get a unit set up, even with an ornery old tripod to contend with. He was back on the bed before she knew it.

"Sorry about the light" he said, referring to the camera's halogen beam that now bathed her face, "but we gotta have it or this won't work".

"I can live with it" she grinned, making fake kissy-mouth moves at his cock, as again her husband took his place on the bed. If possible, his organ looked even darker in color to Alicia. Or maybe it was that damned light messing with her vision.

"Still got a good look?" she asked him, which drew his eyes back to the reflection in the mirror. He sucked in a short gasp of air when he saw that Alicia had gotten into a position with her behind pushed up as high as possible, one hand resting on her haunch, her fingers holding herself more open than he'd ever seen. Her shoulders were on the bed now and her back arched to the maximum. She struggled to look up and see his expression.

"God!" he exclaimed.

"Does that mean yes, you like?" she giggled, even as the fingers of her other hand began to delve between her cheeks and play at the gaping mouth of her wet slit.

"Fuck, baby, that is so hot" he simply said, in earnest. "Fuck".

Jeremy didn't even have time to ask his wife why, tonight, after years together, she was allowing him to use a video camera in the bedroom. It was hard enough getting a cheesecake still photo out of her, never mind anything this intimate. But that question would have to wait. He was too much in need at the moment.

"Your cock is beautiful, Jer" Alicia told him. "This is all for you, for your beautiful cock. And all that hot cum." He could tell by the tone of her voice that Alicia was terribly aroused.

If it hadn't been in her voice, the mirror showed him the evidence of a damp cunt with a finger rapidly strumming the hood of her clitoris. Could any man be happier than he was, every night?

"Yeah, all that cum" he intoned, staring first at the mirror and then down to her head, pressed into the sheets, her eyes on his. "All over your pretty face." His fist was no longer in slow motion, but fairly flew up and down his heated length.

"Yes, Jeremy! I want it. Shoot it on me. But watch this first."

With that Alicia abruptly inserted a slender fingertip into her rear. Jeremy actually grunted with heated lust as he saw it, clear as could be in the mirror: his wife prizing the cheeks of her ass wide apart with one hand as she slid a finger lewdly into her anus. It slipped in with surprising ease. She was in to the second knuckle before he would have believed it, as though her nether opening had sucked that nasty finger right inside.

All the while her sweat-shined, eager face was preparing to accept all the cum he'd been aching to shoot since Before Time Began. And, it was going to be captured on video.

"You hot little bitch. You fucking hot little sweet little thing" he heard himself babbling as Alicia rose up on one arm, the one not attached to the finger in her ass hole, and brought her face up close to his angry penis.

He noted, sort of with one eye, that the mirror was featuring the sight of his wife sliding that wanton finger in and out of her spread rear opening, the tight ring again seeming to suck rather than to give, a sight that alone would have any hetero male throwing cars, diamonds and houses at a woman....but, he was too taken by the image of her sexy mouth, a few inches below the tip of his iron rod. She was practically batting her eyes at him as he furiously jerked off. Beautiful and dirty, a deadly combination.

"Cum all over my mouth, my face, my chin" she told him, then opened her lips wide and made a sort of tube out of her tongue. It was a target.

Jeremy didn't know if he wanted to see his cum all go riding down that tube or to splatter her gorgeous face. Indeed, the strength of the sensations rushing up from his insides made him wonder if he'd be able to see anything at all when he came. Maybe he'd go blind.

That would be ironic, eh? Going blind the very night your wife lets you make a video of your lovemaking.

Just before his orgasm hit, Jeremy couldn't help but notice Alicia turning her face ever so slightly to the camera. You gotta love a woman who will do that for her man, he thought. Giving me the perfect shot.

With one last brief glimpse at the mirror to catch that finger disappearing into her forbidden hole, he groaned as loudly as he'd ever heard in a two-bit porn video and unloaded, his cum rushing seemingly all at once from down below to pour out of the swollen tip of his cock like a whale's spume.

Or at least, that's what it felt like to Jeremy. As revealed later when they played back the recording, the camera caught at least six or maybe seven rapid jets of thick, white sperm spurting in regular succession from his dick. The milky fluid flew into Alicia's hair first, then across her exposed cheek and the bridge of her nose. Alicia's excited features could be seen instinctively going after her husband's essence with her active mouth until she was rewarded with two of the largest bursts on her tongue, then more over her lips and chin.

All the while her eyes remained open, looking up at his face, and the both of them could be heard moaning with unbridled passion. Jeremy's hip and thigh could be seen actually trembling as he came. At the end Alicia enveloped his cock without hesitation with her spermy lips and could be seen with her cheeks hollowing and then her throat working, swallowing, looking for all the world like a feeding calf in an old 4-H film.

As his orgasm began to subside Alicia removed the finger that she'd been using to tease her husband and switched support hands, giving her other one a break. Then, feeling an urgent pull to do so, she reached under herself and urgently frigged her clit. In seconds she came, crying out around the slowly shrinking penis between her lips and then opening her mouth wide to gasp in air, her lower body writhing. Jeremy found the sight so mentally arousing that he reached to stroke his deflating penis directly over her moaning, wide-open mouth, watching in fascination as the final thin drops of his fluid dribbled over her tongue. This made her groan even more strongly, and then the final strangled writhings hit her and she was speaking in tongues, her body flopping to the bed in blissful agony.

Later, in the shower together, Jeremy asked her why she'd decided to let him immortalize their night for posterity. "I always guessed you were deep down afraid I would post stuff on the internet" he joked. "Not that you aren't deserving of a fan club."

"Shut up!" she squealed, slapping his ass. "Don't look a gift horse, and all that."

"Okay, but I sure never expected it."

Alicia smiled at him as she got out and began toweling her sudsy breasts. "Maybe that's exactly why I did it."