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I sat there in my car in total confusion, what the hell just happened? Our little fantasy of my wife "PRETENDING TO BE A STREETWALKER" for a night seemed to have gone awry. Why was she all disheveled when she got out of the car and why did they give her more money? Her dress seemed more red than just one-half hour ago, what did she do to them or with them for over an hour? She didn't stop at our corner she just kept walking and I drove up the street to collect her but by time I got there she was around the corner and more than a half of a block down the wrong way of a one way street.

I couldn't take a chance with the police around driving the wrong way on that street so I headed north for two more blocks than turned right and tried to turn right again to head her off but there was a barricade blocking the next street heading east. By time I got back to the street I last saw her she was gone. I drove around for another 15 minutes or so and couldn't find her, there were at least six other streetwalkers I ran into but not my wife in her cheap red wig.

I was pissed and confused and decided to go to the bar a few blocks away I had passed while I was trying elude the police earlier. I pulled up and went in and ordered a beer, it didn't take long and a frumpy older Asian woman came over to me and asked if I wanted to buy a lady a beer and I told her no thanks that I was just there to watch the ball game on the TV.

My mind was racing, what was going on with my wife, I could forgive her for about anything, even going too far with those men but ditching me now didn't make sense. I kept getting madder and madder as I drank another beer to calm down. Shortly after the third beer was delivered a cute little blonde came over to me and asked me if I wanted to buy her a drink. She was hot and young in her mid-20s; she had on black tube top that easily showed off her what had to be DD sized tits and short mini-skirt that accentuated her long legs. I told her to sit down and asked her what her name was, she told me she was Candy and boldly asked if I wanted to split this joint and go somewhere in my car.

I never knew this bar was a haven for hookers but it became very obvious right then and there as I accepted her offer figuring I would get back at my wife. She jumped in my front seat and I asked her where she wanted to go, she told me she knew a park nearby where we could "do it", I decided I wanted to drive her past my wife's corner first just to show my slut of a wife two could play at this game. The problem is when we got to the corner my wife wasn't there so I drove on to the park. Candy reached in my shorts and started to jack me while we drove to the park.

I reached over and pulled her tube top down and let those huge tits spring free. She had big nipples to go along with the tits and I surmised that they must be real. She pointed me to a dark part of the park and we pulled over and I turned off the engine. She kept jacking while she asked what I wanted. I asked how much to get a blow job and she said $30 and I said how about a fuck, she told me with a condom it was $75 and without it was $200. I told her there was no reason for a condom as I was fixed, she laughed and said she wasn't worried about pregnancy, then it hit me – disease – did my wife use a condom, was there a need, did she really fuck those guys? The bigger question came to my mind of how could this hooker be willing to take the risk of disease for more money? Shouldn't it be condom only?

I said I would take a BJ and she asked me for the money up front. I asked if I could play with her tits and pussy while she sucked me, she said that would be an extra $10. I told her OK and handed her $40. She tucked the money in a little pocket in her skirt and pulled it up for me to see her pussy as she didn't have panties on. I reached over for her pussy, it wasn't shaven and actually was quite puffy, I figured some guys most have been there before. I could see matted cum in her pubic hair and was kind of disgusted and turned on at the same time. It was a very strange feeling and hard to describe.

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I looked in the car windows and saw a cheap red wig and the top of a red dress and it hit me; that was my wife in that car. I didn't know what to do, part of me felt guilty as hell for screwing this hooker and the other part was mad as hell at my wife for whatever she was about to do. The blonde demanded we go and I told her hold on a minute that is my wife in that car. The hooker freaked and said "what, that is your wife in that car with Leroy?"

I asked her who the hell was Leroy and how she knew him. She told me that all the girls knew Leroy as he was a john that most of the girls stayed away from him as he was super kinky and was so big he would hurt them. I asked what she meant by so big he would hurt them and she told me he always went for anal sex and was huge, at least 12 inches ad very thick and would shove it in them without much lube if any. She said he loved to hurt the hookers but paid well. It never occurred to me that a guy could be too big for a hooker or would want anal sex from one.

I looked over at the car and the cheap red wig and red dress were laying on the back window sill and my wife was nowhere to be seen. I knew she was on her back on the backseat and could see someone bouncing up and down through windows even though they were slightly foggy. I started to jump out of the car when Candy asked what I was doing, she asked if I was crazy and told me that Leroy would likely kill me if I barged in on him. I asked her what the hell she meant, after all I am 6'2", 180 pounds and in pretty good shape – she told me he worked for the crime syndicate in town and that he carried a gun.

I sank back in the car and weighed my options, I finally leaped out of the car deciding I couldn't let my wife get hurt. I got about three feet from the car when I realized Leroy was black and sitting in the front seat and one of his friends or companions was the one fucking my wife in the back. I slowed down as I began to contemplate how I was going to stop two men from abusing my wife. It was right then that Candy turned the headlights of my car on and up jumped my wife from the backseat to see what was going on. Well, I should say what I thought was my wife. It was clear with the light shining on her that that woman was not my wife.

I looked at the dress and wig laying in the back window and realized it look a lot like my wife's but was not hers. I had fucked up, that wasn't my wife and here I was three feet from a car where a local hoodlum was using one of the local whores and what was I going to do about it. I turned and ran back to my car and sped out of there as fast as I could. I turned to Candy and said that wasn't my wife, she laughed and said she didn't think Janice was married. I asked her who Janice was and she said the hooker with Leroy and his friend. She was one of the few girls who would work for Leroy.

I was suffering from sensor overload as thoughts were racing through my mind that weren't pleasant – is it possible that I had mistaken Janice for my wife when I saw her get out of the car with those two businessmen earlier? Maybe that is why she scurried up the one-way street when I went to pick her up? I had to go back to the area I had originally dropped my wife and find her. Candy demanded that I take her back to the bar, she kept saying she was losing customers by sitting in the car with me. I pulled out my wallet and gave her $100 and dropped her off a few blocks from where I had let out my wife two hours earlier and told her that ought to pay for her to get back to the bar and any missed appointments.

It is funny how fate can be cruel sometimes; well, this was one of those times. There standing on the corner was my wife in her red dress and cheap red wig watching me pay this hooker as I was dropping her off. I sank in my seat and realized the shit had just hit the fan and I was standing dead in front of it.