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It all started with my wife and I sharing fantasies one night as a prelude to making love. She asked me what my sexual fantasies were as she slid her hand in between the buttons on my pajama top; thinking quickly I told her I married my only fantasy – she laughed and told me she wanted to know for real. The funny thing is I couldn't tell her my real fantasy as I was afraid she would freak, so I made up something about a desert island with her and I alone for a month with no kids or interruptions. Which in itself wasn't so bad.

She smiled and slowly pushed her full soft lips up to mine and passionately kissed me probing her tongue in and out of my mouth. Then she gently kissed her way down my chest and while inserting her hand in my pajamas and stroking my cock up and down. I quickly started to harden as I felt her lips lick and then gently kiss my nipples; soon she was lightly biting them and seriously stroking my cock. She had me hard as hell by time she asked if I wanted to know her fantasy. I actually didn't but thought I better say yes, so I asked her what her fantasy was.

She told me her long time fantasy was to pretend to be a hooker. I was shocked but managed a laugh and asked what she meant – a high priced call girl? She said not a call girl but a streetwalker who dresses really slutty and picks men up with her sultry ways. I asked her if she wanted to have sex with another man, almost afraid to hear the answer. She reminded me she said "pretend" and added she didn't want to be a whore, just dress like one and have guys drooling over her. She said she always thought it would be cool to show off her sexy body in a slutty manner. I couldn't believe this was coming out of my conservative almost-prudish wife, who never dressed provocatively in our whole marriage. In fact, she often went out of her way to hide her sexuality by dressing in very professional business-type attire that didn't show off her shapely body at all.

I was quite surprised and sat up straight as my cock began to deflate in her hand as I contemplated her fantasy. I asked her how long she had this fantasy. She was suddenly embarrassed and told me to never mind as she was sure that I didn't understand. The funny thing was I understood exactly what she was saying, as her fantasy was my fantasy that I was afraid to tell her earlier. I always wanted her to dress much more sexy in public and have guys hitting on her and lusting after her hot body. I felt guilty about my fantasy as I couldn't understand why her dressing sexy and having guys hitting on her was so exciting for me; was it to validate that I had STILL had this trophy wife that used to make me the envy of almost every guy I knew or was it something more perverted that I didn't know about myself that manifested itself in my fantasy. I really didn't want to know the answer to that question.

Even though I never wanted to really think about the root of my fantasy, I knew exactly what she was saying and knew that for her it was all about validation. After all she was the prom queen, head cheerleader and had more attention than she could handle as a teenager and coed in college. But now, after 15 years of marriage and three children, this 38 year old was feeling old and wasn't sure she could still turn the boys' heads. I think all women go through that stage of wondering if they can still churn a man's lust after they reach a certain age, especially women that were so beautiful in their youth like my wife.

It was funny that what started out as great sex suddenly became awkward and she froze there with her hand on my cock and head on my chest just staring off in to space. I told her that if she was worried about how sexy she was, that she was crazy – she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. And the truth of the matter is she is one hot woman for her age. Her 5'7", 130 pound frame was sleek and hot as ever with 36C breast that were still perfect globes of soft yet firm flesh that any man would go crazy over. Her ass was also firm and her stomach was pretty flat and the few stretch marks she had from bearing the children were mostly invisible. I knew that she was hot but both of us somehow needed validation, and I hated myself for sharing her fantasy as I tried to reassure her just how sexy she is.

She smiled and kissed me and started to rub my cock up and down again as I slowly slid my lips from hers and started to kiss my way down to those two perfect mounds that I love so much. My thoughts started to wander off as I pictured her standing on a street corner in a dress two sizes too small and these beautiful tits I was massaging and kissing heaving out of her half-cupped bra for every man to see and lust after. I ran my hand down her back stopping to squeeze her round ass then slowly running my fingers up and down her silky smooth thighs. I pictured how the dress would be so tight on her that one could actually make out ever contour of her toned little body. I could picture her with that coy smile and roll her tongue around her lips as she slowly slid her cigarette from her mouth making O rings with her cherry red lips knowing every man alive would kill to watch those lips slide over his throbbing cock.

It was from this picture that I was suddenly awaken when I felt my whole body tighten and my back arch as I began shooting my load into the air as her hand engulfed my cock. She smiled with a wicked grin as if she knew exactly where my mind's eye was at that very moment. I kept shooting more and more cum in the air flashing back and forth between the image of her dressed so slutty in my mind and her perfect breasts I was squeezing and sucking as I finished my last few spurts.

She laughed and told me I must like her fantasy as it had been a long time since she was able to make me cum from a hand job. I was embarrassed by my obvious pleasure of envisioning her fantasy. I had just slipped my hand up into her folds of her pussy when she grabbed my hand and slid up next to me and asked what I thought of her fantasy. She told me I must think she is such a bad girl to fantasize about such a perverted idea. I told her I was surprised as she never dressed 'slutty'. It was funny how we kept coming back to that word "slut" the rest of the night and every time we did I would notice a little shiver up her body.

She told me that acting like a slut was the best part of the fantasy for her. Even though she was the prom queen, she never dressed provocatively or flirted with that super charged body of hers. Her dad was a minister and always taught her to be modest respectful of what God had given her. I laughed to myself as I thought of how I read that often people who repressed their sexuality as young adults often went on to become some of the biggest pervs or sex addicts.

She kept pushing me to tell her she was a bad girl for thinking these perverted thoughts and I kept trying to reassure her it was perfectly normal until I finally realized what she wanted from me – it hit me like a ton of bricks – she wanted me to tell her she was a slut, a whore, a pervert for thinking these awful thoughts of using her body for sexual titillation. That was all part of her fantasy. So I suddenly turned to her and told her she was disgusting for admitting that she wanted to be a whore and use her body to turn on men for pure sexual lust.

The more I scolded her the hotter she got, I reached under her nightie and started to rub her pussy again and kept ratcheting up the condemnation of her sick fantasy. Before long she was screaming in ecstasy begging me to call her a slut. As she came her whole body stiffened and her thighs grasped my hand like a vise and held my fingers deep in her pussy as she moaned and finally yelled out "fuck your whore, fuck her good". I had become hugely stiff again and mounted her in one swift motion driving my cock deep and hard in her wet pussy. I kept telling her that she was nothing but a slut, a whore for my use and that I was going to cum in her pretty little pussy that was made to please me. She went through at least one more orgasm before I drove deep and buried my cock as I felt my second terrific orgasm of the night.

When we finished we both agreed that was the hottest night of sex we ever had but that it was just a fantasy for the bedroom. Every night that week we went through the same routine, my wife telling me her fantasy while I called her a slut or a whore while I used her body for my heathen lust. Each night I would add more and more disgust to increase the intensity of our passion but after a couple of weeks it was harder and harder to build that same white hot lust we had that first few nights.

Finally after five weeks of talking about it, I suggested we do it, she dress up like a whore and go stand out with the other whores downtown. She told me no way would she ever really do it, it was just a fantasy; besides it was too dangerous and what if someone we knew saw her and ... I stopped her and told her I would be there parked in a car just a few feet away and she could wear a wig and think of how hot the sex would be that night after I picked her up as her john. She began to warm to the idea as she got all wet again and slithered up to my body and started to kiss me with the same passion she did that first night she told me about this fantasy we both shared. Our sex that night was as good, if not better than, the first night she shared her hooker fantasy.

Afterward we laid there and agreed to the ground rules: she would dress very provocatively and could show off any part of her body she wanted but there was to be no touching by anyone but me, she could tease the guys but under no circumstances would she get in any cars or walk away from the corner with anyone but me and I would always be within 30 feet of her so I could rescue her should anything get out of hand. Finally, after she got good and hot she would give me a signal and I would drive by and pick her up as her john for the night.

Our incredible sex that night was followed by what seemed like even more intense passion night after night as we would keep adding more and more details to the plan. After a week of planning we finally agreed to a date, that Saturday night, the kids would be at my parents for the weekend and it would be perfect time for us to dress her like a whore and go through with our fantasy. As the week went on I kept trying to initiate sex by talking about our plan but she kept rebuffing every effort telling me we should save it for Saturday night.

Saturday finally arrived and I kept busy by mowing the lawn, running errands, cleaning the eaves trough and generally trying to hide my huge hard on that I was carrying with me everywhere I went that day. Around 8 PM I went into the living room and asked her didn't she think it was time to start getting ready. She paused and told me she was frightened and that we really shouldn't go through with this, after-all it was just a fantasy. I convinced her that at least we should dress her up and get in the car and drive that direction and if she felt uncomfortable when we got there we could just come home and I would fuck my little whore.

She went into the bathroom and started to shower and get ready while I sat there picturing her in that tight dress I imagined that first night we discussed this fantasy. I was sitting in the living room playing with my cock when she walked out of the bedroom and my jaw dropped. There she stood just like I had imagined five weeks earlier, she had on a strapless red dress that was two sizes too small, and I could see ever contour of her body, in fact if it wasn't for the fact that the dress was red it looked more like a body stocking than a dress. I love when women wear clothing so tight that totally outlines their breasts leaving only the skin color to the imagination. As she walked toward me the dress rode up her thighs so high that it barely covered her curvaceous ass.

I was taken a back by the fact she was wearing panty hose. I asked her didn't true hookers find panty hose too cumbersome for their kind of work? She just smiled and pulled her dress up about three inches and there it was her totally shaven pussy completely exposed, she had on crotchless panty hose and no panties. I asked her where did she ever find those panty hose, not really paying attention to her answer as I was still checking her out.

After giving her the once over I decided to more closely examine this "whore" of mine. I beckoned her to me as I glanced down at her feet and saw she was wearing at least three-inch high heels and was rhythmically bouncing back and forth on them as she walked toward me, I was amazed at how she had gotten the hooker walk down so easily. As she got closer I could see the bright red cherry lipstick that distinguishes any hooker covering her full lips and thought back to how I love the feel of those lips on my cock. I pulled my shorts aside and let my now hardened cock spring free and asked for a sample. She dropped to her knees and slowly slid her red lips around my cock making sure to press her lips hard on my fullness. I reached down to massage her right tit and I was taken back by how easily it popped out of the dress with slightest pressure from my fingers.

I looked up at the full-length mirror that hangs in our foyer and could see my wife, I mean my whore, on her knees bobbing her head up and down while I could barely make out her pussy as the dress had slid up over her ass as she bent over on her hands and knees to service me. The sight was more thrilling than I had imagined and I began to feel the old familiar build up of cum in my balls that was aching to release. I stopped her and told her there would be time for her to finish me later; I knew if I came now I would probably back out of taking her downtown.

She stood up and pulled the dress down over her ass and slipped her right breast back in her dress. I looked down at my cock and there was a slight tint of red lipstick left on it, I told her I was going to leave it there as a reminder where we left off for when we get home. I tucked it back in my shorts and asked if she was ready for the thrill of a lifetime. She told me to wait as she ran back into the bedroom only to emerge 10 minutes later with a red wig on. It was a short cut with curls and I could tell it was a cheap wig as it looked like a wig when she put it on, I told it accented the outfit perfectly for my cheap little streetwalker. I slapped her on the ass and told her to follow me.

I escorted her to our car in the garage with the lights off so none of our neighbors would see her dressed like this and we took off for the downtown. As we drove I looked over at her touching up her lipstick and straightening her dress trying to pull it down to cover her pussy but it was no use, while sitting it rode up so high her bald cunt was barely peaking out for the world to see. I reached over to touch it and it was very moist, I could tell she was really hot by this whole experience. She told me we should go home as she couldn't go out in a dress that didn't even cover her bare essentials, I laughed and asked her if it was called a "streetsitter" or "streetwalker." The joke helped calm her nerves along with me sliding my finger halfway up her pussy.

She was really excited by time we got to the place where the prostitutes hang out downtown. She was moaning and riding my fingers while I called her a whore and slut. I was surprised at how well lit the area of town was, I hadn't been down here since before we were married. I drove around a bit just to let her soak up the atmosphere. On the first block we saw an older black woman dressed in a halter top and jean skirt, she looked like she had been ridden hard and put away wet. On the next block there were a couple of other girls walking around and two guys talking to one of them. The one they were talking to was actually pretty young and hot looking, not dressed nor built quite as nice as my wife but still well-packaged. We watched as she walked with them back to their car and lean in the window and talked to them a bit more before they drove off.

I wasn't sure if they were her pimps or if they couldn't settle on a price. The next block was empty and I pulled over and asked my wife if she was comfortable with this or should we just go home. By this time my cock was aching and leaking all kinds of pre-cum – I pulled it out of the side of my shorts and looked down at my wife's lipstick still imprinted on it. She smiled and told me she was going to do this and asked if I remembered the plan. I repeated it for her: she would stand over by the corner and strut her stuff letting guys get a look at her hot body and if she felt comfortable would walk up to some of the cars but would always decline the offers and walk back to her corner, I was to sit in the car not more than a block away at anytime. We had an emergency signal, if she was to drop her purse I was to come to her rescue immediately.

I was nervous but excited at the same time. I reminded her no matter what don't ever get in a car with any of the johns just tease them from outside the vehicle. I was really surprised when she climbed out of the car and pulled her dress down as far as she could and walked over to the corner. It was about 30 feet away and I could see everything in front of me. As she walked, just as had happened at our house, her dress rode up her ass; I could see just a hint of her ass cheeks sticking out, her long legs covered in panty hose looked so gorgeous but not half as hot as her tits, she had pulled her dress down slightly so that almost half of them were out and her cleavage was just bulging out as the skin tight dress acted like a push-up bra.

She reached in her purse and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She took a couple of drags and slowly made O rings as she would blow out the smoke accentuating her pouty red lips. I resituated myself in the car as I was so hard my balls were aching and my shorts had ridden up pressing against them. I pulled my shorts down and looked at my lipstick stained cock and slowly started to stroke it, I wanted to be careful not to cum. I looked back up at my wife, er whore, and the first car drove up, it was a guy in his 50s that drove a nice big Buick, he motioned her to the car and she sauntered over swinging her hips back and forth.

She leaned into his car and started to talk to him, from my vantage point all I could see was her panty hose clad ass mostly exposed as her dress had ridden up her ass again as she leaned in. After about two minutes she stood up and pulled her dress up as her right tit had come out again while she was leaning in talking to the john. He drove off and she walked back to her corner. I was leaking a huge amount of pre-cum and trying to keep myself from exploding, I couldn't believe there I sat with my wife thirty feet away dressed like a hooker and had just accidentally exposed her tit to a STRANGER.

She looked down toward me and smiled, I knew she was cool. The next car had two guys that I imagined were businessmen from out of town as I couldn't make out the license plate and they seemed to be dressed pretty well. She sauntered back over to them and went through the same routing leaning in a bit to talk to them letting her dress ride up her ass and exposing her cleavage to these two strangers. I could hear her laugh and giggle like a school girl as they were talking to her. After about three minutes she backed her head out of the car again and stood up straight, this time however, both her tits were exposed as she stood up. I could tell 30 feet away that her nipples were erect and she was excited.

The most shocking thing to me was she leaned back in again with both her tits exposed. I saw the passenger reach out and touch them. After about three minutes of this she pulled back out of the car again this time with a bill in her hand. She tucked the bill into her dress top and pulled it back up over her tits. I sat there stunned as she walked away from car and didn't even bother to pull her dress down, both guys sat and watched with her ass almost fully exposed except for where the crotchless panty hose covered it. I knew they were getting a good look at her sweet ass as she walked. She stopped about 10 feet from the car and bent over like she was picking up something off the sidewalk and wiggled her ass toward them.