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I recently got a job with a large aerodynamics company. I thought of it as a going stepping stone in my career. What I didn't know is just how well it was going to be for my sex life as well.

I have been married to my wife for 3 years. Marnie stands 5'4, weighs about 130 and has brown eyes and hair. She has one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen. Her measurements are 38-26-26.

She had always been faithful till a few months back she and I managed to get involved with two other guys and before we knew it my wife was fucking and sucking both of them back at their hotel room. Not much else happened after that till recently. Like I said I just got a new job recently which gave me a well paying job and something that allowed me more time at home (I like that a lot). I met my new boss on a few occasions. He is a tall a very attractive black male. He is 29 years old and stands about 6'2. From what I can tell he was well put together. He has a shaved bald head with deep brown eyes. His name was Sam and I got along with him quite well. It came to the point where we started going out for lunch with one another and hanging out in general.

Back at home I was telling my wife about my boss at work and how great he was to work for and what a good friend he was to have. Things were going good, but they were about to get better.

My wife and I have had a threesome once before. I was the voyeur as she fucked and sucked two guys who were on a sales trip into to town. That was my fantasy which was fulfilled. We never got the chance to do that again more recently.

I decided that since I kept talking about my boss it was time for my wife to meet my boss. I invited him to come to our house for dinner. The night had arrived and my wife dressed her usual best and was stunning in a red hot dress. It was backless which showed that she was not wearing a bra. When she turned to face me, I looked and told her, "you look incredible!" All she could do was blush and said, "Thank you."

The doorbell rang and I went to answer the door. I let my boss in and called out to my wife, "Honey come and meet my new boss." Marnie came around the corner and looked at Sam and gasped. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. "Well hello there, Marnie", Sam said. "Oh you two know one another?" I questioned. "You can say that," Sam replied. "Aren't you going to say hello to an old friend?", Sam asked Marnie. "Oh hel llo," was all she could mutter out.

I did not know what was going on, but I asked Sam to sit down and asked if he wanted a drink. I told him we would be right back. I then took Marnie into the kitchen and asked her, "What was that all about?" She said that before she met me she use to date Sam and that she was saddened when he got a job in another part of the world. So they decided to call it quits. I asked her if they had sex before and she said, "Yep! Don't get me wrong, sex with you is great, but sex with Sam was unbelievable. He had a cock to die for."

That got me going and I said, "want to rekindle someone of that magic with your current and former lover together?"

Her eyes lit up and she replied, " Hell yeah!"

So we developed our scheme and returned to the living room.

"Hello, Sam!" called out Marnie. "Didn't mean to seem rude, but I was just shocked to see someone I haven't thought of in a long time"

"That's ok, I didn't realized that Mike's wife was an old friend of mine, either," Sam replied.

So we chit chatted a bit and finally had dinner. The atmosphere was a little tense, but I could tell that Marnie was getting hornier and hornier just from the way her dress was showing her nipples were rock hard. I'm not sure if Sam noticed or not, but I should did and I could feel the bulge in my pants begin to rise.

We finally finished dinner and decided to settle into the living room. We talked about different things and the topic got onto the old times that Marnie and Sam had when they dated. They talked about the wild and crazy things they did and finally the topic got onto their sexual history. They talked about their first time together. Marnie recalled how large Sam's dick was and how much it hurt her the first time. Sam also recalled that first time, but he remembered how tight Marnie's pussy was and that was the shortest he ever lasted with a woman. He also recalled that Marnie had her legs wrapped around his waist and wouldn't let go of her grip after he came, so he just pumped away at her loosened twat and fucked her nice and hard again.

This was making the room nice and warm and everyone was feeling a little bit randy. Things were getting a little loose, including my wife's dress as the straps kept falling off her shoulders. This didn't not go unnoticed as Sam reached out his large black hand and helped Marnie put her strap back on. He let his hand linger and slowly moved down the front of her dress and let his hand cup my wife's right breast. This made Marnie's mouth gap open a little as she tilted her head back and let her breathing go ragged.

Sam glanced at my direction for approval which I gave him with a nod. He proceeded to massage my wife's breast through the silky fabric of her dress. He brought his body closer to hers on the couch, till they were touching. He used his other hand to grab Marnie's head and tilt it towards his mouth as he began to kiss her passionately on the lips. He was probing her mouth with his tongue and began to aggressively squeeze and pull on her breast.

He pulled his hand away from her breast and pulled her hand towards the bulge in his pants. Marnie began to fondle Sam's dick through his dress pants and by the size that I saw through his pants, I could tell his dick was quite large. As they battled with their tongue's Sam unhook one of the straps off of Marnie's dress and exposed her left tit and began to squeeze and pinch her nipple. I know that this is what get's my wife hot and apparently so did Sam. He pulled his mouth off of hers and began to slowly kiss his way down her neck to he found what he was looking for. He opened his mouth wide and took the entire nipple into his mouth. This brought an erotic gasp from Marnie's mouth as he began to suck that tit for all it was worth.

Sam grabbed one of Marnie's legs and spread out on the couch with her other leg on the floor. This spread her legs wide open and allowed me to see the entire crotch of her pussy. Let me tell what a site that is to see. With a large black hand on the inside of her thigh with her thick pussy hair sticking out of the side of her panties which are already soaked from the attention that she was getting. I didn't get a long look because Sam roughly pulled her panties aside to expose her hairy cunt and immediately stuffed two fingers into my wife's twat. This brought out a loud moan and a "Oh FUCK!" out of my wife's lips. Sam kept riding her with his two fingers and sucking on her nipple. What a slut she was. Her dress was half off with a big black guy finger fucking her and sucking on her tits. This was making so hard that it hurt. I decide to let my dick out for some air so I took my clothes off.

Sam continued to ram his fingers into my wife's pussy at a furious rate. She wasn't going to last much longer and before I knew it she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she came all over Sam's fingered. After she came back down to earth, Sam removed his fingers and fed them to Marnie who sucked greedily on his fingers. She licked her own cum off till his fingers were nice a shiny. That was kind of new for me, she normally didn't like the taste of herself. She always found it disgusting. Oh well one of those things I guess.

Sam released his dick from his pants and Marnie purred at the site of what she saw. I'm sure she was thinking that she remembered that 9 inches very well. I could just stare in awe. It was very large compared to my 6 inches.

"Why don't you come and have a taste of this old friend, " Sam said to Marnie. As if on cue Marnie dropped to her knees in front of him on the couch and began to stretch her jaw to accommodate that dick in her mouth. I felt like I needed a little release myself so I pulled up behind her and began to probe her wet pussy with my dick. After I found my mark I rammed my dick home which brought a muffled moan from around the dick in her mouth. I bent my back over hers so I could see how good she was a cock sucking. Sam had his black hands wrapped through Marnie's hair as he pumped his dick in and out of my wife's mouth. I saw how stretched her mouth was as she struggled to get as much of it in her mouth as possible. She was able to get about three quarters in her mouth before she began to gag. Sam did not want to push his luck so he was content with the amount of attention his dick was getting. As I continued to fuck my wife from behind Sam began to fondle Marnie's tits with one of his hands as he held her head with his other as he began to pick up the speed of his face fucking. After a few more minutes Sam announced he was cumming. Marnie pulled off his dick as he spewed cum all over her face. Three powerful blasts hit her in her hair, eyes and finally her mouth. What happened next I did not expect as he pumped his cum out a forth time it hit me square on the cheek. I was shocked by the action. That made me lose it as I came in my wife's pussy. I grounded my pubic bone into my wife's ass as I lost myself in my orgasm. After I finished cumming I pulled out as Marnie kept suckling Sam's dick. After she was finished she turned to me and began to lick the cum off my face. After she was done I fell back and needed a rest. I looked over at Sam and noticed that he still had a hard dick. Marnie noticed too and said, "I see you sure haven't lost you touch with that dick of yours. You were always able to go all night."

Sam grinned and said, "it's my turn to fuck that pussy. It's been a long time since I stretched it out." He pulled Marnie to the couch and placed her back against the corner with one foot on the ground and her other leg stretched out along the top of the couch. This exposed my wife's pussy and both of our juices oozing out of her pussy. Now what he did next surprised me. With the gasp that escaped Marnie's mouth I'm sure it surprised her too, as Sam bent forward and began to lick our juices clean right out of her pussy. This had Marnie moaning and groaning as she bucked her hips up and down to meet his tongue as he probed the inner folds of my wife's sweet cunt. It was not long before the moans turned to screams as Marnie bucked herself to her climax. She arched her back and had her mouth gapped open as she let out a loud scream as she came all over Sam's face.

Sam did not let her rest though as he immediately targeted his hard dick towards the entrance to Marnie's quim and he immediately shoved his dick to the hilt in one shot. This made Marnie fall flat on her back as her eye's went wide and her mouth gapped open as she let out a quick, "Ahhhhh!" Her hands were clutching the sides of the couch as Sam began to ream his dick in and out of her pussy. He was grunting and moaning at how tight she still was and how he didn't think he was going to last long. He continued to saw his club back and forth, in and out. This kept bringing grunts from my wife's lips as she was receiving a good deep fucking. Something she has not had in quite a while.

This continued for what seemed to short of a time as Sam announced that he was about to cum and Marnie told him not to pull out. He rammed himself into the hilt one last time as he let out a primal grunt from within his throat as he let loose his seed within my wife's well fucked quim. As she felt the first shots hit the insides of her pussy walls, Marnie let out another scream as she came around Sam's dick. They just laid there for a few minutes as they cuddle and kiss each other. They were oblivious to me being there as they continued to fondle and kiss one another.

Marnie finally broke the silence and told me that I was sleeping on the couch tonight. She said that, "her and Sam needed to talk about what they missed for the past 8 or 9 years" I said that was ok with me. Sam told me that both he and I were taking the day off tomorrow as he had plans for the both of us and his wife. I told him that I would be more than happy to have a day off work.

They said they were pretty tired and they needed to go to bed. My wife gave me a big wet kiss and told me thank you for being such a loving husband and that she would thank me later for letting her have her fun. I got myself ready for bed and laid down on the couch for an uncomfortable night on the couch. That was ok because the screaming and groaning coming from our bedroom was probably going to keep me up anyway. As I jacked myself off a few times to the sounds, I kept smiling just thinking about what the video camera was showing. I couldn't wait to see what the two of them were doing in there.