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It was a cool October night in 1999, when my wife and I hosted our almost Christmas party. She would always bring out plenty of booze and her favorite, definitely not mine, condoms for the men to wear. We used the condoms because my wife wasn't on the pill and she didn't want to get pregnant. We only invited our friends and only the male side of our friends. Anyway, my wife would always have the night planned out, including my quest. For the past five years or so, she would have me do a sort of a city wide scavenger hunt, before I was allowed to come home to the fun everyone else was having with my wife. This night was no different.

She had shooed me out of the house and the last thing I saw as one of her male friends closed the door to our house, was her being surrounded by all the men in our house, and of her smiling at me as she wrapped her hands around the neck of the man in front of her. She had given me a two-way radio, the key to the bike lock in the garage to unlock the bicycle I was to use to go around town, and the list for my scavenger hunt, which happened to be about 15 things to do. I turned the two way radio on to hear a slight sound of music in the background and her voice surrounded by the other mens voices. She would never let me have the keys to the car, because she thought I would get done with the quest too early. I listened to the radio, which she had left on, and heard her ask a man to get her a triple tequila from the bar in our house.

I listened the whole time I was on the scavenger hunt, and I was on number three on the list, when I heard her slurring her speech, then a scratching sound, and then I realized that they were taking her clothes off. I was amazed about how soon she gave in to the men, and tried to hurry to finish the quest she had given me. I was on stop number six, when I heard someone place the radio next to my wifes head and all I could hear was her moaning, and then a muffled moaning, like she was biting her lip or someone was kissing her, and then more moaning, like the sound when the sex feels really good.

I was peddling as fast as I could now, with about nine more stops to go. By the time I was at stop number fourteen, she was really out of it, she kept moaning for them to stop, not like she didn't want it but maybe she did want them to stop, then suddenly someone clicked off the radio, then a minute later clicked it back on, and I couldn't hear her voice anymore, just muffled moaning, like someone had placed a gag in her mouth.

I finished the scavenger hunt, and as she had planned it, I was about eighteen miles away from home, but it was only five in the afternoon, and the sun was just setting.

I cheated a little bit on the way home and hitched a ride from this trucker on the freeway. I got home at about six and the sun had set. I walked the bike into the garage and locked it back up, and hurried to the front door to see what was going on inside. I tried the front door and found it locked. I knocked and waited about two minutes, because the party was in the living room. No one came to the door and I knocked again, harder and louder this time. I waited again, about three or four minutes and when searching around the back to the sliding glass door, which we always kept unlocked. I pulled on the door handle and it didn't move. I had noticed on my way to the backyard that the laundry room window was open and I hoisted myself up. I got inside and tried the door to the basement, it was unlocked.

As I walked upstairs to the entryway, I could hear a lot of music and talking of mens voices. I peeked inside the living room and noticed a lot of naked men standing in line to go into the living room. I quickly stripped and got in line. I waited in line about an hour and a half to get to the top of the stairs of the living room and as I got to the top I saw the line was still about half an hour to go. I saw a man, also naked, handing out condoms, I reached in and pulled out a condom, I felt something a little odd and looked down and my eyes got really wide. Someone had taken each of the condoms and used a ¾ inch hole punch in the center of each condom. I then strained my neck around to get a look at my wife

In the living room. She was on her back on the coffee table on the middle of the room. Her arms and legs were tied to the table legs, and someone had stuffed an extremely thick pillow under her ass to keep it in the air, with her pussy pointing straight upwards at a sixty degree angle. The man on top of her was pounding into her pussy and she was urging him to go faster and harder. He kept pounding into her and then he jerked a few times and I could tell he was cumming. As he pulled out I could see a pool of cum just inside her pussy and as I watched, it would slowly disappear, draining back inside of her uterus. As I watched the man walk off, I noticed that he had the condom on, but the end of his cock was bare and open, where the condom had been cut out with the hole punch. Open so when the man would cum, it wouldn't be contained by the tip of the condom. As I looked around at all the men in the room, I noticed that all of them had the same style of condom on, with the end cut out from the hole punch. She didnt seem to know that the men had these hole punched condoms on, she seemed to think they had normal condoms on during this.

I was extremely sad and put-away, I wondered why my wife would let these men do this to her. As I left the line, I could hear my wife urge the men to fuck her harder. I could hear her moaning her love for them, and her screams of ecstasy when she would orgasm and cum.

I slipped into our master bedroom unnoticed and laid down on the bed. Before I fell asleep, I glanced at the clock on the end table and the time read eight p.m. I awoke at two in the morning and still heard the sounds of her being screwed in the living room and wondered if she was ever going to be the woman I had married ever again.

I then realized this is what she has done the last five years, she has organized this party, invited all the men to come over, sent me on a quest with a long list of stuff to do, and as soon as I left, it has left her with a free conscience to fuck all these men she has invited over, with no guilt because I am not there to see her do it.

I left the bedroom and went back into the living room where the men were still using her body, only this time she was taking on two, three, four men at a time. I walked around without her seeing me and watched what she was doing. She had a man fucking her from the top, in her pussy, and she had a man in each hand, jerking them off, and she also had a man in her mouth, blowing him. I watched as the men in each of her hands, came all over her tits, and I could tell the man she was blowing was cumming because she wasn't able to swallow it all, and it would ooze out of her mouth and up her face into her hair, because her head was laid back at an angle. Then I watched as the man fucking her pussy, would jerk and twitch, and as he came inside her, it would be forced back out, because there was no more room inside of her uterus for cum. She was packed full of cum, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

As the man she was blowing pulled out of her mouth, she looked up at the clock and realized what time it was and told everyone that it was time to leave, and also said she had to get in the shower. I left really quickly through the back door. I could hear all the men leave and then could hear the shower running.

I lay down on the back porch and heard her come into the living room and as she opened the back door, she looked down and saw me pretending to be asleep. She woke me and asked me how long I had been there, and why I didn't knock to be let in. I told her I did knock, but no one answered. She said she was sorry, but everyone left at about nine and she didn't hear me knock....

To be continued...