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My name is Linda. Ron and I fell in love and married before he was a full fledged doctor. Next year he will be doing his internship, but our problem is that our combined savings have been used up. I don't earn very much flipping hamburgers at MacDonalds and Ron is so busy with his studies.

One evening while I was at work, four guys came in to eat. They were joking and seemed to be having so much fun together. They flirted with me as I took their order and it got my mind off my financial worries. I noticed one guy was buying all the food and said he would take them out for a beer after eating. When he paid me for the order, he pulled a big wad of bills out of his pocket.

I said, "You better stop flashing your money or someone will hit you over the head for it."

He responded, "I don't care, I just inherited a pile of money and I want to spend some of it."

They sat down to eat. It was time for me to get off work. As I was leaving, I had to walk near their table as I went for the exit.

The guy with the money raised his voice, "Hey, pretty girl, come sit with us before you leave."

I had been so glum about our financial situation that I thought they could cheer me up with their laughter. However, I knew I should go home to my husband. Then I remember he was working in the hospital that night.

I sat down at their table and said, "OK, guys, for a couple of minutes. I have a husband waiting for me at home."

That didn't deter their enthusiasm for a married girl to sit with them. The guy with the money introduced himself as Jim. I told them my name.

"Linda", Jim looked me in the eye, "We're going out for a beer and we would like for you to come along with us."

"I can't do that, don't you see my wedding ring?"

"That doesn't bother us, come on and have some fun."

I didn't respond to that but sat there and had some laughs with them. When it was time for them to leave, I walked out with them and got in their car as if that was what I was supposed to do. We went to a nearby bar and had some drinks. I danced with each guy and we were having a good time.

I finally said, "I need to go home. Drive me back to my car at MacDonalds."

"OK, if that is what you want", Jim responded

Jim and I were the only two in the car when he drove into MacDonald's driveway.

When we parked he said, "Don't leave me just yet. I inherited this money from my mother who just passed away and was buried yesterday. I feel so lonely and sad and just don't want to go home as yet."

We sat and talked and I began to think he was a very nice guy.

He looked at me to say, "I wish you could keep me company all night, but I know you are married and won't."

"No I couldn't. I love my husband very much. Sorry you feel so lonely, but I have my problems too".

He responded, "Now what kind of problems can a pretty girl like you have?"

"I've been so worried lately about our finances and don't know what to do. I've enjoyed being out with you guys tonight to forget about my worries for a short time." I explained about Ron studying to be a doctor

"Maybe I could help. I have plenty of money and if you would spend part of the night with me, I'll make it worth your while."

I quickly responded with a loud voice, "Watch what you are saying, I'm not a whore."

"I apologize. I really didn't mean it that way. But you need money and I need company. You said your husband was working tonight and wouldn't miss you. Also, didn't you screw around while in High School?"

"That's true, I was not a virgin when I married Ron." I hesitated then asked, "How much can you give me?"

Jim pulled out a roll of bills and flipped through a stack of twenty dollar bills.

"You can have all of this."

"Alright, let's go to a motel, not to my house".

He drove to a very nice motel and went in the office to register while I sat in the car. I began to think about what I was doing. I loved my husband, but we needed money. I could only rationalize that I was sacrificing myself for him. I was determined to go through with it.

Jim returned and drove to our motel door. As I was about to enter the door, I began to get "cold feet." Part of me wanted to go away, and part of me wanted the money. Jim was a handsome guy and seemed very nice. Being naked with him and having sex would probably be alright, but I was hoping he wasn't some kind of a weirdo. If so, I would get up and dress and tell him to keep his money. I walked in the room willing to sacrifice myself.

Once the door was shut, he seemed shy as he looked at me.

I said, "Here we are, alone together".

"You are a very pretty girl. I don't want to rush you or do anything you don't like. But I would like to kiss your very inviting lips."

He put his arms around me and our lips met briefly. Then he hugged me tighter as our mouths opened and tongues dance. I was beginning to feel sexy so I put my arms around his neck to hold him tighter.

When we broke the kiss I said, "Wow, you really can kiss a girl to make her feel good".

He softly responded, "You are so pretty and sexy, that warmed me all the way down to my toes".

I chuckled, "I think it did because I feel something hard down below."

Saying something like that to a stranger rather surprised me. Guess the drinks made me feel more relaxed for what we were doing.

Jim started undressing me by first taking off my blouse and bra to allow my ample breasts to be free.

He bent down to kiss each nipple, then back up to share a very sexy kiss with me. I could feel his very hard erection pushing against my body. I knew I was here for sex and decided I might as well cooperate. I moved my hand down to his crotch to rub his erection.

He back away a little from me to unbuckle his belt, then unzip his jeans and drop them down. Now my hand could easy fondle his cock through his shorts.

I had worked an eight hour shift and knew I needed to have a shower. I always liked to be clean for sex, especially when I take a cock in my mouth.

I said, "Let's get in the shower to clean up before we go any further."

With a joyous sound in his voice, he quickly said, "That sounds like fun, let's do it".

I started sliding my jeans down my legs and then sat in a chair to pull them off. Jim quickly seized the opportunity to pull them off my legs then took my hands to pull me up to a standing position. He tugged at my panty waist band and pulled them down to let me step of out of them. Now I was standing completely naked in front of him. I was beginning to feel a little embarrassed until he pulled me to him for another long sexy kiss. While kissing, he moved one hand down to my wet pussy to touch my clit, then inserted a finger. When we broke the kiss, I helped him pull his shorts down to allow his hard cock to stick straight out. I looked down to see it curved upward with a big purple head. From the brief glance, it looked bigger than my husband's cock.

Jim took my hand and led me to the shower. We rubbed our soapy bodies together while sharing a lengthy kiss. Once we had dried off we crawled up on the bed for Jim to hold me for another kiss.

He softly said, "How did I get so lucky to have you in bed with me. You are such a fantastic girl."

He kissed my nipples then moved on down my body to kiss my pussy. His tongue licked my clit making me feel very sexy. I suddenly thought about my husband and wondered what he would do if he ever found out I had been unfaithful. I doubt I could ever convince him that I was doing this for us. Then I forgot about my husband and concentrated on the feeling of his tongue in my pussy. He moved his butt around to my head. I assumed he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth. He rolled me up on top of him in a six nine position. I took his cock in my mouth, swirled my tongue around the big head, then went down on him as far as I could. I heard him groan with pleasure.

I started up and down on his cock as I fondled his balls. He started pushing up in jerks as his cum started spurting in my mouth. He gave me a very big mouth full, but I was well experienced in consuming it all. However, I couldn't gulp it as fast as he was spurting and some of it was running down on his balls. His body was gradually relaxing although I continued to keep his cock in my mouth. I always did it that way with my husband and I knew he liked it, so I thought this stranger would like it too.

He rolled me off and said, "Sorry, I just couldn't hold it, but I'll be ready again to satisfy you."

We talked for a little while. Actually, I let him do most of the talking. He was telling me about how much he loved his mother and father. Both were now dead and he missed them in his life. I looked at his cock and decided to help him get it hard. I again took it in my mouth while he played with my pussy. It didn't take long before I spread my legs as he moved on top.

He pulled my legs up with my knees near my breasts and rammed his cock fully in me. Our lips met in a long open mouth kiss while he started slow back and forth movements. He knew just the right movements to make it feel good for me. I could feel an orgasm building up in my body and started pushing up a little faster to him even though he had me pinned down. My orgasm came on strong as I heard him loudly groan and could feel his cock jerking with each spurt of cum in my pussy.

He rolled off of me allowing both of us to lie side by side rather exhausted.

I remained quiet until he finally broke the silence. "That was fantastic. I want to see you some more."

I said, "I'm afraid this is it. I'm married and can't continue an affair."

"You told me you needed the money. I could give you even more if we could meet again. Please?"

"I'll think about it. I can't give you my phone number, but if you'll give me yours, I might agree when we get desperate for more money."

He gave me the roll o f money, then we dressed and he drove me back to my car.

I drove home expecting to find the house dark, but when I drove in the drive way, the lights were on. I went in to be greeted by my husband.

He said, "I got to come home early. Where have you been."

I was completely at a loss to come up with an excuse. I finally said, "I made some new friends and went out for a beer. You were at work and I thought it would be alright?"

"Who were these people you made friends with?"

"Oh, I met them at MacDonalds. They seemed to be having fun and I joined them."

Ron let the subject drop for the moment, but I knew that was not the end.

We went to bed and Rom started kissing me. When his hand reached my pussy he said, "You sure are juicy. You must be in the mood. I'm in the mood too, so let's have fun."

He kissed me again while he moved two fingers in my slippery pussy. He moved his fingers up to taste my juices.

He suddenly exclaimed, "You've been fucked! Who were your friends tonight?"

I started crying and told him I did it for money, for us so that he could stay in college. I guess the tears were making him feel sorry for me because he said, "I appreciate your wanting to help, but I can't believe you did this, especially behind my back."

He got some tissues and wiped my eyes. Then he said, "Now, now, quit crying. I'll forgive you this once because I love you. Tell me what happened and about your sex with another guy."

I gave him all the details as he held me tight and often kissed me. I could feel his very hard erection. Was this turning him on?"

When I finished telling him all the sordid details, I asked, "Now are you going to divorce me or fuck me? You do have a very hard erection."

He didn't answer, but rolled on top of me as I spread my legs. His cock plunged all the way in my sloppy pussy. He gave a few strokes and became very vocal as he added his cum to the remains of a stranger's cum.

We laid side by side for awhile until I said, "What do we do now?"

"I'm very disappointed you did it behind my back, but it did turn me on when you told me the details. Guess I can't be mad at you for that. I still love you very much and I believe you love me, too."

"Again, what do we do now?"

"We'll go on living the way we were. Please don't ever do that again without my knowledge."

I questioned right back, "You mean you would let me fuck a stranger for money as long as you knew about it?"

Ron said, "I agree we need the money. Maybe you can get him to come to our house. I would like to meet him."

I asked, "You mean he could come here to fuck me? It turned you on so much, maybe you would like to watch him? Would you be jealous?"

"No, I would not be jealous and it would be a big turn on for me. I never thought I would want you to fuck another guy, especially to watch his cock sliding in and out of you. Guess my sexual desires are coming to surface. Call him tomorrow and invite him. Tell him it would be a threesome and see how he reacts to that."

"Alright, if that is what you want. I know we can use the money, too."

We went to sleep in each others' arms.

The next evening I called Jim. He seemed so excited that I had called. I explained the threesome and that it turned on my husband. He seemed reluctant to agree at first, but then said he wanted more sex with me and he would agree to most anything even if we fucked out under the streetlight. That brought a laugh to both of us. I told him to come on over. Ron and I both took showers and waited for Ron. I used cologne between my breasts and between my legs. I noticed Ron had an erection when he watched me apply the cologne. I think he was trying to visualize a strange cock fucking me.

Ron shook hands with Jim when I introduced them. I noticed Jim was dress up some as if he was trying to impress me. Ron fixed drinks for us and we sat around to get more acquainted. After the second drink was finished, I said, "Let's get started."

I walked toward the bedroom and glanced back to see both guys following me. Once in the bedroom, the two guys started undressing me. I felt like a queen being waited on by two suitors. They removed my blouse and bra, then I started slipping my long pants down. I sat on the bed to say, "Pull them off."

They each had a pant leg to finish pulling down and off my feet leaving me with only my panties on.

I said, "You guys get out of your clothes."

They hurriedly undressed and I saw two very hard cocks sticking straight out ready for action.

I gave Jim a slight push suggesting he lie down on the bed. I was up on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I thought my husband would watch, but then I felt his hands tug at my panty waist band as he started pulling them down. I raised one knee at a time for him to pull them off while I continued to lick around Jim's cock head. Then I felt my husband's tongue licking up and down my pussy stopping long enough to suck on my clit each time he passed it. I didn't know there would be this much action so soon.

I asked, "Jim, do you want to cum this way or some other way?"

"I want to do it doggie style the first time."

Jim got up on his knees behind me. I could feel him move the head of his cock up and down my slit, then felt it pressing in me. The head entered and he pushed some more, pulled back a little and then went all the way in. I glance around to see my husband watching Jim's cock sliding back and forth in me. I was very juicy, so I knew he could see my juices clinging to Jim's cock each time he pull back before plunging in again.

Evidently my husband felt he was out of the action. He laid on his back on the bed and moved his butt near my face. I knew what he wanted, so I took his cock in my mouth. Now I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. I never dreamed I would be so daring to do this.

Before long, Jim was loudly groaning and I could feel his cock jerking in me. Evidently when my husband knew Jim was cumming in my pussy, it caused him to erupt in my mouth. I was getting two loads of cum at the same time.

I held tissues under me when Jim's small cock was slipping out. Then I was surprised to feel Jim licking my pussy and ass. Evidently he liked to eat a sloppy pussy. I turned over on my back to give Jim easy access to my crotch. I was already sexually turned on and his tongue and mouth felt very good. I looked at my husband to see he was intently watching Jim. He looked at me for a moment and we smiled at each other. I knew he was very pleased and turned on with our threesome.

I began to push my pussy into Jim's mouth as I started moaning a little. I knew my orgasm was getting close. Jim moved his finger up and down the crease of my ass and started pushing to enter it just as my body began to strain and jerk with my orgasm. It seemed the orgasm rippled throughout my body for one of the best orgasms I've had in a long time.

We three cleaned up a little. The two guys put on their shorts while I slipped on my panties and went back into the living room. We had another round of drinks while we made small talk. Jim handed me a wad of money which I gave to Ron. We thanked him, but I asked if he wanted to do it one more time before he left.

Jim shyly nodded his head yes. He had fucked me once, now I thought I would give him a blow job while my husband watched. I wanted to excite him a little, so I stood up, let my panties fall down and stepped out of them. I walked over to him sitting on the couch, got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down and off of one leg. I made eye contact with Jim and smiled. He said, "You are fantastic." He leaned forward to kiss me.

I teased his cock head with my tongue while I jacked him a little with my hand. Since he had already cum once, I assume it would take awhile for the second time. His cock was firm but not very hard. I played with his balls and licked up and down his shaft. I took one ball in my mouth and pulled back to let it plot out. His cock seemed to harden more especially when my lips reached the head and I deep throated him before licking up and down the shaft some more. I saw my husband playing with cock.

I asked Ron, "Why don't you come over here and sit on the couch too."

Ron got up and sat down close enough for me to put one hand on his cock while I had my mouth on Jim's cock. I continued to concentrate on Jim's cock to make him cum. I sucked on him for another ten minutes until he started yelling he was going to cum. I jacked him very fast and opened my mouth to let it shoot onto my tongue. I kept jacking him until his body went limp.

Ron said, "Do the same to me."

I moved over on my knees a little until I was in front of my husband. I put my mouth over his cock and it started jerking and shooting. I continue to squeeze and jack his cock until it became flaccid. I stood up and looked down at the two guys and said, "Looks as if I have two well satisfied guys here." I jokingly continued, "Do either of you want some more right now?"

My husband said, "I'm done and I think our friend is finished for tonight."

Jim put on his clothes while Ron and I went in the bedroom to put on our night clothing. We escorted Jim to the front door. He said, "Giving you money is not a problem and I want to come back soon."

I said, "As long as my husband doesn't mind, you are welcome. The only rule is that we don't hide any of our activities from Ron, my loving husband."