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Our neighbor had hired somebody to paint their house while they were away. He was to be working there for several days. He looked to be in his early twenties and was in very good shape. He worked shirtless and soon became part of our fantasies during our love making. Judy got turned on thinking about showing off for him and seeing what would happen. I told her that she should give it a try...make her fantasy a reality.

When I got home from work the next day she was all excited to tell me of her events with Eric (she met him that morning when he arrived). She told me that after lunch she laid out by the pool in one of her skimpy bathing suits and noticed that Eric was on a ladder next door and seemed to be watching her. Her suit doesn't hide very much and she often times sheds it since we have a privacy fence around the house. She thought of doing just that but didn't do it. I asked her why and she said that she felt guilty because I wasn't home. I told her to go for it and I would take a day off this week to watch. That night we made love and she was so turned on. We expanded our fantasy to include inviting him over to use the pool and Judy fucking him.

When I got home the next evening Judy met me at the door and practically raped me as we made love on the living room floor. She told me that she laid out by the pool and Eric was back on his ladder. She pretended not to see him and stripped naked and laid on a lounge chair in the sun. She wore sunglasses and acted like he wasn't there. He did very little painting and was on the ladder watching her the entire time she was out there. She applied lotion, rubbing her breasts and got up several times to take a dip, get a drink or just walk around. She gave him plenty of opportunity to see lots of her. All the time she was watching to see if he was looking. She was sure that he got no painting done because he never moved from his perch on the ladder.

She said that towards the end of the afternoon she came inside and took a shower and brought herself to an amazing climax. She dressed in cut offs and a tank top (never wears panties or bra) and walked out to the front yard. Eric was loading his gear and she waved to him and he waved back. She was pulling weeds and worked her way towards him and was close enough to chat and asked him how the painting was going. He seemed a little shy and told her that things were coming along okay. Judy told him that he should stop by when he takes his lunch break someday because we had some paining we wanted to get done and that they could discuss it over sandwiches. He said he'd do that before he finished this job.

The next day it was more of the same. Eric was on his same perch and Judy stripped naked for him. She made sure that the lounge chair was facing just right and laid on it and started to apply suntan lotion. As she was applying the lotion she slowly started to play with herself and brought herself to a climax right in front of Eric. She had her fingers deep inside herself and playing with her breasts and thrusting herself up almost out of her chair. When she was done she looked up to see Eric still there. She gave him a really great show. She laid there enjoying the view of him watching her and then she slipped into the water. When she got out Eric was out of his perch. Judy went over to the fence and looked between the cracks and saw Eric pumping himself; he was leaning against the back wall of the house. She watched him squirt his juices into the grass and put himself back into his shorts. She created an opportunity to talk out front and they agreed to lunch on our patio the next day to discuss our painting needs.

Again, when I got home we had one of our greatest sex experiences as she described the day to me. It was obvious that this experience was turning Judy on. I planned to stay home the next day to enjoy some of Judy's frolicking

The next day I stayed home and made sure that I had a good view of the back yard and pool from my upstairs office windows. Judy was full of anticipation and wanted to be sure that this was what I wanted and I assured her that I was as excited as she was.

At about 11am she went out to the pool deck totally naked and selected her tanning lounge chair. She was laying there and I saw Eric up on his ladder watching her. This time she called out to him and waved and I thought he was going to fall off the ladder. Judy yelled to him to come over and get some lunch. He came down from the ladder and came around to our front door. Judy put a short coverup on and went inside. I heard the doorbell ring and heard them talking downstairs. They walked to the kitchen where Judy had some club sandwiches already prepared. I watched out the window as they walked out to the patio with their lunch and sat at the table. Eric was very quiet. Judy's coverup was opened enough to show lots of cleavage and when she crossed her legs nearly everything was exposed. Her coverup was so short that she was sitting on her bare ass. She was receiving Eric's full attention. I could not hear any of the conversation but I knew what her plan was going to be. They ate their lunch and moved over to lounge chairs by the pool. She asked him to put suntan lotion on her back and she dropped her coverup and laid face down on the chaise. Eric was rubbing lotion on her shoulders and back and Judy must have told him to go lower because she looked over her shoulder and said something and he started to rub lotion on her bare ass. She spread her legs open as an invitation for him to explore a little more and he did just that. He was running his fingers down the crack of her ass right down to her pussy.

At that point Judy rolled over and exposed the rest of her body to him. She took his hands and placed them on her breast and he started to knead them. He had her nipples between his fingers and thumbs and I know that was driving Judy mad. While he was doing that she was playing with herself and I could tell that she was getting very excited. She unsnapped his shorts and his very erect dick sprang out and she started to rub it. She was pushing her finger into the hole in the head and rubbing it with her other hand.

She looked up to make sure that I was watching and then she leaned over and kissed the head of his dick and started to lick it. As she was doing that she pulled down his shorts and underwear and he was standing beside her naked She took his dick in her mouth and started to suck and bring it in and out of her mouth. She was playing with his balls and he grabbed her head and was holding her hair and he started to jerk and thrust. He was cumming in her mouth and she was taking it all! When he had finished she licked him clean and pulled him down on the chaise so that his face was between her legs. She was looking up at me while Eric's tongue was darting in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him tighter into her pussy. Even from where I was sitting I could see how swollen she was. I could see his juices mixed with her juices as they covered her shaved pussy.

She started to buck and arch her back and she had a hold of his hair and I knew that she was cumming. She looked up at me and was smiling then lost herself into the orgasm She pulled him up away from her pussy. I knew that it was too sensitive just yet for anymore of what he was doing. She moved away and had him lay on the chaise and worked on his dick until it started to get hard again. When it was stiff enough she straddled him with her knees on the chaise and lowered herself onto his dick. She started to rise and fall slowly and she took his hands and placed them on her tits. She was fucking him and he was playing with her tits. Again, she glanced up to make sure that I was watching. She was biting her lower lip and really enjoying the ride.

They fucked like this for a long time. I know that Judy came at least once and then she was playing with her clit while they fucked and she came again. It took awhile, but soon Eric was cumming again inside of Judy. She was bucking him and riding him hard. I could see his shiny shaft as it was going in and coming out of her pussy. Both were soaked. She came again shortly after he did and she leaned forward and they kissed. Their first kiss after all that! Tongues were darting and bodies were wrapped around each other as they continued to embraces.

Judy must have asked him to take a swim with her because they both got up and went into the pool. I was so turned on watching Judy seduce this kid and then the two of them frolicking naked in the yard. After a few minutes they came out of the pool and laid in the sun together and talked. I couldn't make out what was being said, but they stayed there for 30-45 minutes. Then she got up and took him by the hand and lead him into the house. The two of them were still naked. I could hear them coming upstairs and they went into our bedroom. I could no longer see them, but I knew what Judy had planned. And this is as she told me later (much of it I could hear).

They went right to the bed and started to make out again. Judy said that she had a very hard time getting him to have another erection. They kissed and sucked each other; he finger fucked her cunt and ass and used his tongue to fuck both and brought her to several orgasms. Finally, when he was hard enough he mounted her missionary style and fucked until she was practically too sore to go on. They rolled all over the bed and fucked and sucked until he came again. Then they took a shower and went back down stairs. I watched as he put his shorts back on and they kissed passionately and Judy walked him to the front door naked. She said that at the door they kissed again and he rubbed her pussy before they left.

After he left she came up to the office and looked at me like she had just won the lottery. She was excited and satisfied and wanted me to fuck her. So we went into the bed that was stilled messed and smelled from her last sex encounter and we made love like we never had before. When we were laying there afterward she asked if I would mind if he came back over again before he finished his paint job. She knew that I wouldn't be watching and wanted to know if it was all right.

I told her of course, but, I wanted to know every detail!