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We had been married for a little over ten years when things began to change in our sex life. I had always worked a lot of overtime and being the mother of two, my wife was usually exhausted by the time we went to bed. It didn't take long before we knew things were beginning to lack in our personal lives. Sue had a proper upbringing and although on the prudish side, she was a diamond in the rough. She was always fantastic in bed but when it came to the outside world sweats and T-shirts were a mothers best friend.

This all changed one day when she decided to go back to work. Sue figured that if we could split the finances we could spend more time together in the long run.

Her boss at the insurance agency was an older man (around 50) and had liked Sue from the start. At 36, she still had the figure of a twenty year old long blonde hair, 36d chest and beautiful eyes. She stood 5'5 but in her heels a proud 5'9. We had to go out and pick out her new wardrobe as she had to dress very professionally for when clients arrived. Sue preferred the longer dress styles but by this time I had started to convince her that showing off a little leg now and then was not a bad thing. She hesitated at first but then gave in as she had noticed that the other girl in the office wore shorter hem lines.

I had picked out one outfit in particular. It was a black form fitting cotton knit dress that came just about to mid thigh. It had a sheer v-neck front that bordered her ample cleavage with a white business jacket. A black lacy bra, beige thigh highs and a pair of black 4" heels completed the outfit.

Now I had always imagined my wife with another man and had on occasion thought of having a third person to spice things up, but I knew it would have to be her decision.

I convinced her to wear that outfit on her first day back to work, making sure I gave her a dozen or so compliments to boost her ego. (She looked so hot I wanted her right there) she kissed me in the morning before she left and dropped the kids off at the babysitters.

Sue was nervous as she walked into Mr. Morton's office. He sat back in his chair his graying hair parted neatly to the side looking at her as she sat down and crossed her legs. "Glad to have you aboard." He said while taking in the sight of her tits encased in the sheer fabric. He was a good looking man for his age she thought. "You know Sue you may have to put in a little over time every now and then you won't mind will you"? "No I don't mind, as a matter of fact we could use the money." She noticed him looking at her legs and shifted in her chair.

Later that day, Sue noticed the other men in the office stopping by just to say hello and get a better look at her legs and chest. She began to play a little noticing that if she shifted just right in her chair her legs became more exposed as her dress rode up just beneath her stocking tops.

Rob was one of the adjusters in the office, he stood about 6'0 tall, rugged looking and was paying particular attention to the new girl. He had noticed her rise from her desk and search the files in the lower filing cabinet as her dress climbed up the back of her legs he was developing a painful bulge in his pants.

Sue passed by Robs desk sensing his growing frustrations. Placing her pen to her lips and making a little circle she asked if Rob could help her find a particular file. "Sure Sue I know where it is, but it is in the archives and I will have to show you where it is." he grinned. "Just give me a moment and I'll be there."

Rob flicked on a light and pointed down the staircase to where the archived files were, he then let Sue go first down the stairs watching her ass sway as it clung to her dress. "Over here?" Sue said with a devilish grin as she bent over to open one of the boxes. She could feel Robs eyes burning into her ass as she cocked her hips seductively outwards. She was getting very wet thinking about all the attention she was receiving something she hadn't felt in a long time. She could have sworn she felt Robs bulge press up against her ass as she stood up.

"What the..." She stammered as she turned around quickly. Her breasts brushed against Robs chest as he stood directly behind her looking into her eyes. Her hips were now pressed against Rob's monstrous hard on.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Rob said taking a step backwards. "I was looking at something over your shoulder and got a little to close I guess."

"By the look in your pants I imagine the only thing over my shoulder you were looking at were these." Sue smiled placing both hands to each side of her tits and pushing them together. Robs eyes bulged in amazement as this beautiful little housewife squeezed her breasts together offering a better look. Rob took a step forward and with a smile crossing his lips, placed his hands on Sues tits squeezing them firmly locking his lips on hers probing her mouth with his tongue.

Sue let out a small sigh as Rob moved his hands down her waist and under her skirt feeling the dampness between her thighs. Sue broke from Robs embrace long enough to place her hands down to his groin tracing the outline of his cock as it begged to be released. She fell to her knees unzipping his pants and pulling out his 9" cock. Plunging the monster deep into her throat.

"Ugh!!" Rob tried to subdue the noise from his mouth as she eagerly sucked harder and harder on his dick.

"Umm" Sue growled as Rob started to buck his hips in and out of her hot orifice. She grabbed his balls and played with them squeezing and sucking as his precum oozed out the sides of her small delicate mouth. It wasn't long before she could feel his whole body tighten and what felt like a gallon of cum splash against the back of her throat. She sucked until every last precious drop was drained from his balls flicking her tongue ever so gently across the now over sensitive tip of his prick.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Came a voice from the top of the stairs.

Rob and Sue straightened up quickly. "Just coming back up now." Rob answered as he finished zipping his pants and heading towards the staircase. Sue was going to like working here she thought licking the corners of her mouth.