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Joe rolled over for the umpteenth time and look at the clock at the head of the bed. Only four o'clock! This had been a long night. He had been tossing and turning all night and couldn't sleep and he knew why. In his mind the question kept repeating over and over, "Was his wife really cheating on him?" He knew he had no proof; it was just a feeling that he couldn't shake off or ignore.

Joe was thirty-two years old, in excellent health and had been married to Janie for the last eleven years. He had gone to work for his father just out of high school. His father owned a construction company and expected Joe to take over when he retired. Joe had spent his first years with the company as a carpenter just like all the other new hires. He had not received any advantages and was expected to pull his own weight and prove himself as a worker before his dad started training him to handle any of the management of the business. Things had gone well for Joe and now, after 13 years, he found himself handling most if not all of the everyday details of the company. His dad still had an eye on everything but he let Joe deal with the details with only a comment or suggestion every now and then.

Joe and Janie had met when they were juniors in high school but had not dated until after they both graduated. While Joe was a big guy at 6'2" and 190 pounds, Janie was a little thing at 5'2" and less than 100 pounds soaking wet. She seemed so fragile to Joe that he called her his little China Doll. At first he was afraid to squeeze her tightly but she soon set him straight on that account. When making love she wanted it fast, furious and hard, and plenty of it.

Within a year of getting married she was pregnant with their first son, Michael, now 10 years old. Two years later she gave birth to a daughter, Sara, now 8. He remembered how Janie had beamed with pride each time when she first held her children. She still did in fact. Her children have been her pride and joy ever since and he knew she loved them dearly. That was one reason Joe could not believe that she would put her family in jeopardy. The other reason was that he truly believed she still loved him as much as he loved her. She was not only his wife; she was his lover, friend and confidant.

While Joe could never imagine himself being unfaithful to Janie, he also could not imagine her being unfaithful to him. Their sex life was really great as far as Joe was concerned. They made love at least three times a week, usually after the kids had gone to bed. Some weeks they had made love just about every night.

Janie had not worked outside the home for the first nine years they had been married. As soon as Sara was old enough to start to kindergarten Janie had taken a job as a teller at their local bank. She enjoyed meeting the public and had made some good friends among her co-workers. One especially was Alice, who lived on the street behind them and about four doors down from them. Alice, and her husband John Parker, had become good friends with both of them. They also had two kids about the same age as Michael and Sara. The two couples often had picnics together at one of the State Parks where the kids always wanted to go hiking and swimming. Many Sunday afternoons had been spent in one or the other's backyard where they had barbequed steaks. Janie and Alice seemed more like sisters than just good friends they were so close.

Since both wives worked at a suburban bank they always had to work until 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and a half-day on Saturday. To make up for it they got a day off during the week, and for Alice and Janie they had Wednesdays off. They had started to go to a movie once a week on Tuesday nights, since they didn't have to go to work on Wednesday. After the movie they would stop at the local Starbucks for coffee or cappuccino that Janie especially enjoyed. On those nights she was always home by at least 11 o'clock.

Joe knew that he did have one fault though, which Janie teased him about numerous times. That fault was that he seemed to be addicted to Literotica's Loving Wives stories. Each evening after dinner he had to go on line and check through all the new stories. Maybe that was why he had these feelings about Janie being unfaithful to him. After reading all those stories about how the husbands noticed little clues that their wives were stepping out on them, Joe had started noticing the same little clues in Janie's behavior.

Janie had also read some of the stories on Literotica's Loving Wives section and had asked Joe "So, is that what you want me to do, pick up a strange man and fuck him and bring home a cream pie for you to eat out? Or, would you prefer that I brought him home with me and made you watch us fuck and then humiliate you by making you eat his cream pie out of me with him watching?"

"Hell no." Joe retorted, "I can't stand those kinds of stories. I don't understand how any man that really loved his wife would want to make a whore out of her. Maybe in their own bedroom but sure as heck not out in public or out with someone else. The stories I like are the ones written by Charley_Ace, or winterfrog or PAPATOAD or Jakewho69. Stories where the husband doesn't wimp out or get a hard on while watching their wife get fucked."

Joe rolled over, remembering the first time he had made love to Janie. Though they had "made out" many times before they got married, they had never gone all the way and had intercourse. The first time had been on their honeymoon. Joe, of course, had watched his share of x-rated videos and had a good idea of what a woman wanted sexually. He knew some things in the videos were way out of bounds if you wanted to please a lady, but other things seemed to really turn a girl on. That was what he had concentrated on, how to really please her.

He had wanted the first time to be really special for Janie and had spent a lot of time in foreplay. He had started off with a lot of kissing and sucking of her breast and stomach before moving on down to the heart of his desire, her beautiful pussy. Janie had kept her bush carefully trimmed and he had no problem bringing her to a mind-blowing orgasm in very little time. Janie had remarked that at first she was terrified and thought her back was going to break because her pelvis had shot straight up and her heart had started racing and thumping and she felt like her whole body was shaking even though she had the most intense feeling of joy and pleasure she had ever felt.

Even though Janie still loved for Joe to go down on her she still (until very recently) could not return the favor. Also many times in those first few months Joe had also tried to caress her brown hole but that, he found out real quickly, was definitely off limits. Every time his hand strayed back there she had immediately grabbed his hand and told him "No, not there." Their love making (again, until just recently) had been for Joe to bring her to her first orgasm with his tongue and then to put his cock in and really pound her as hard as he could until she came again. Most of the time Joe could do that but occasionally he couldn't hold out long enough and he came before he got her off a second time.

All of that had changed about three months ago. Janie had gone to the movies that night with Alice and a couple of her girlfriends and had come home very horny. After their normal love making routine Janie had gone to the bathroom and had come back with a washcloth. She had proceeded to clean off his cock and had then started to kiss and lick his cock. At first it had been sort of tentative but then she had really gotten into it and had taken about two-thirds of his cock into her mouth and had sucked and swirled her tongue around and Joe thought he had died and gone to heaven. All too soon he had to tell her he was going to come immediately if she kept doing that. She had just looked up at him and smiled and kept right on sucking away. Unable to stop himself, Joe had immediately started coming in her mouth. She had milked him dry but she had not swallowed any of it. She opened her mouth to show Joe all the cum there and had smiled and then went to the bathroom and spit it all out. When she had come back to bed and given him a big kiss her mouth tasted of mouthwash.

Joe pulled Janie to him in a bear hug and said, "I love you so much, Janie, but what did I ever do to deserve that?"

"I love you too, Joe," she said. "I've always felt kind of guilty because you always did it for me and I never did it for you. I started practicing with a banana until I felt confident enough that I could do it right for you. I wanted you to enjoy it as much as I love having you do it for me."

"Well," Joe said, "You sure did that. It was incredible!"

After that Janie had continued to go out with Alice and her other girlfriends once a week and each time she returned home horny. Their lovemaking continued about the same, with Joe going down on her until she had at least one orgasm and then putting his cock in her and thrusting until he came. She would then get the washcloth and clean him up and then suck and lick until he got hard again and then either letting him come in her mouth (and still not swallowing) or she would move up on him and put his cock back in her pussy for some more loving. But every time he came in her mouth she would get up and go to the bathroom, spit it out, and come back with mouthwash on her breath. Of course, every once it a while he would still try to finger her ass, but she would always stop him.

Then, about two months ago, even that changed. While making love to her, she had surprised him again. She had reached over to the bedside table and handed him a tube of KY jelly and said, "Put some of this on your finger and rub it in my ass."

Joe had been surprised but quickly squirted a dab on his finger and complied with her request.

While Joe was still thrusting in and out of her, she told Joe, "Stick a finger in real slow and if I tell you it hurts just stop but don't pull it out. Just wait until I get used to it and when I tell you start to move it in further. Then keep doing that until you get the whole finger is in me."

Joe couldn't believe his ears, had Janie really said that? But he immediately started to slide his finger into her. After several starts and stops, when Janie told him to stop, waited a few seconds and then told him to start again, he had his whole index finger in her ass as far as it would go.

"Now, move it around and pump it in and out." She said. When he did she started to really moan and urge him to fuck her harder. After a few minutes of this she asked him to put two fingers in her and fuck her ass with them. Slowly but surely her anal muscles began to relax and his fingers met less and less resistance until they were gliding in and out faster and faster.

Janie again began to moan and push her ass back and forth in time with his fingers. She then asked him to stop and let her turn over.

When she was on her hands and knees she stuck her ass in the air and said "Put a lot of KY on your cock and put it in my ass, but go slow, and stop if I tell you it hurts."

Joe couldn't believe that he was really hearing her say this. It had become a fantasy of his, but for as long as he had known her, her ass had always been off limits. Again, in starts and stops, Joe slowly worked his cock all the way in. After stopping and letting her get comfortable with his cock in her ass he started to thrust in and out. Slowly at first and then speeding up. Janie immediately reached between her legs and started to furiously rub her clit.

Janie then began moan and saying over and over, "Oh God, harder Joe! Harder! Fuck my ass! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh! I'm coming!"

As Joe felt Janie's contractions he couldn't hold off any longer and started to fill her ass with cum. Nothing Joe had ever felt compared to this. Her tight ass and contractions seemed to milk his cock, sucking the lifeblood right out of him.

With a contented sigh Joe rolled himself off Janie and gathered her into his arms and kissed her as hard as he could.

"Oh my God, Janie." He said, "I love you so much. That was unbelievable."

"I love you too, Joe," she said, "I can't believe I came with you in my ass, but I sure did. I thought it would hurt a lot worse but once I got used to your cock in there it felt just about as good as it does in my pussy."

Over the next month Joe couldn't believe how much Janie had changed. Her willingness to try new things and new positions surprised Joe completely. But as Joe remembered all this he knew that he hadn't been complaining, it was more like a dream come true for him.

After that night things changed again. On the nights that Janie and Alice went out she began coming home later and later. Instead of getting home at 11 o'clock it became midnight, then 12:30, then 1:00 o'clock in the morning. Then last month she came home at 1:00 o'clock and the roof fell in for Joe. She wasn't horny and wanting to make love, she said she was just worn out and wanted to take a shower and go right to bed. But the thing that floored Joe was that when she gave him a good night kiss, he tasted mouthwash.

During the following week they made love only one time. Janie gave him all kinds of excuses; such as being too tired or having a headache or thinking she must have a yeast infection or something because she itched like hell down there. But what bothered Joe the most was when he came home from work on Wednesday two weeks ago he had tasted mouthwash on her breath at four o'clock in the afternoon.

It had now been three weeks since they had made love, but each Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon he had tasted mouthwash on her breath. During this time he had noticed that many times when he came into the room when Janie had been talking on the phone. She would be giggling and acting shy and when she saw him she suddenly stopped talking and then seemed to change the subject.

He had also noticed that she would occasionally be humming a song over and over. He knew he recognized the song but it had taken him three days to remember the name of it. It was an old hit by Jimmy Dean, "Big Bad John." He remembered last Saturday when he had come into the house to get a drink, having left the lawn mower running. She apparently had not heard him come in the house. He had overheard a part of one of her conversations on the phone and she had mentioned Big John. She had said that from now on she would call him Big Bad John. He was also shocked when he heard her say that she would be waiting for him at one o'clock next Wednesday afternoon.

Last night, being Tuesday night, he had called a babysitter for the kids, making sure she didn't get there before Janie left. He then had tried to follow her when she went out with her friends to the movie. She had driven by herself and parked in the movie complex parking lot. He got there just as she was buying her ticket. He stayed as far back as he could so as not to be seen by her but with eight movies going on at once he had not been able to tell which one she had bought a ticket to. He had gone back outside and scouted the exit doors but found out there were four doors were she could come out but they were not located so that you could see all four from any one spot. He then decided he would have to just watch her car until she came out.

When he got back to his car he looked to where she had parked but her car was no longer there. What the hell, he said to himself, I know that is where she parked. He then drove up and down the rows of cars but never spotted her car. He finally gave up and went home.

Arriving home, he paid the babysitter and then decided to call John, Alice's husband, to see what time Alice had been getting home. When the phone was answered he was surprised to hear Alice answer. "I was calling John," Joe said. "I thought you had gone to the movies with Janie."

"No," Alice said, "I haven't gone to movies with Janie for the last three weeks. The firm John works for is being audited and John has been working late for the last three weeks. To save the money we'd have to pay for a babysitter, I have just been staying home."

Janie hadn't got home last night until 1 a.m. Though he had pretended to be asleep, he could still smell the mouthwash on her breath when she had snuggled up behind him in bed.

Joe rolled over once more and decided he wasn't going to get any more sleep so he might as well get up. The sky was beginning to lighten up and he wanted to do something to get his mind off Janie and the uncomfortable feeling that she was having an affair with someone named John. One thing Joe was sure of was that at one o'clock this afternoon he would be where he could watch his house to see who showed up.

Going to the kitchen he started the coffee pot. After pouring his travel mug full of coffee he left for work. Janie would get the kids ready for school. One good thing was that with the hot weather they had been having lately all of their carpentry crews would already be starting work. They usually started early during hot weather so that their shift would be over before the really hot afternoon sun baked everything.

Arriving at the office Joe found that there was not a lot he could do to get his mind off Janie. As a result he was snappy and irritating to his secretary and the other people in the office. The day seemed to drag by for Joe and nothing he did seemed to help.

At 11:30 his dad came into his office and asked him what was wrong with him. Joe's secretary had called him and told him that Joe was biting off everyone's head and had been in a foul mood all morning. Joe told him nothing was wrong, he just hadn't been able to sleep last night and hadn't felt good all morning. His dad said, "Let's go get something to eat and maybe you can relax for a while and you'll feel better after a good meal. But first you had better apologize to everyone here for snapping their heads off this morning. We can't afford to have a lot of unhappy people."

Joe agreed and went out and apologized to his secretary and told her to tell the others that he was sorry he was so out of sorts today and to apologize to them for him. He then went to lunch with his dad.

All during lunch his dad kept asking him what was wrong with him today. "You're not usually this down. I can tell something is bothering you." Joe continued to assure his dad that everything was okay; he was just tired and worn out from not getting any sleep last night.

"You're not having any problems with Janie or the kids are you?" his Dad asked.

"No. Dad, everything's fine. I'm just tired; I didn't get much sleep last night."

"Well," his dad said, "Why don't you take the afternoon off and take Janie out someplace, or just go home and get some rest. I can handle the office for the rest of the day."

"Thanks Dad, that's a good idea," Joe said.

Joe glanced at his watch and saw it was already a quarter till one and if he wanted to get home by one he had better be leaving now.

After driving his Dad back to the office Joe turned toward home, hoping he would get there before one o'clock so he could see who showed up

Joe was only half way home when he was stopped behind a wreck, It seemed someone tried to beat a red light and T-boned an SUV. By the time he made it home it was a quarter after one. As he approached the house he saw a pickup truck in the driveway. That's John Parker's pickup he thought. Surely Janie's not having an affair with Alice's husband is she?

Joe parked two doors past his house and walked back, going into his back yard. John is a good friend, he thought, but if he's screwing Janie I'm going to make him pay. Going into his garage he found his old Willie Mays signature bat, thinking he might need a little persuader. Continuing on into the kitchen he listened to see if he could tell where they were. Not a sound. Well, I might also need a little evidence if I decide to kick her ass out so he went to the hall closet and got the digital camera.