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It was a perfect California evening, warm and inviting for a stroll. The San Francisco ballet had been breathtaking and as the couple walked back to the hotel James looked at his wife, Rachel, remembering how she was as a member of the corps de ballet. In the four years since she left, her beauty had not waned in the least. Her dark shoulder-length hair was sleek and shining, her green eyes sparkled, her smile was still radiant, and her body was still lithe with long legs and slim torso. Some men may not like her small tits, but they were classic in a form-fitting ballet leotard. As they entered the lobby, James offered.

"Want to stop in the lounge for a nightcap? It might be the last time we can do this for a long time."

Rachel smiled and agreed. Although they had a reasonably secure living, things had taken a bad turn in his company and James had been laid off and hadn't been able to find a new position in the current economic climate. Rachel had been away from the ballet too long. The best she could do was make a small paycheck as a clerk in a women's boutique. Money was tight and this was their last social entertainment.

They went into the darkened lounge off the lobby and saw that all the small tables were filled but there were three empty places at the small bar. James tilted his head toward the bar with a questioning look on his face and Rachel nodded in agreement. They took two seats and James ordered two glasses of white wine knowing his wife's preference. He still admired her classic look as she sat musing over her glass. She was wearing a simple black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. Her waist was belted by a thin metal belt of linked titanium. The skirt of her dress fell to just above her knees as she hooked her little strappy high-heeled sandals over the steel footrest. In the low light, her small diamond earrings and necklace sparkled.

As they sat quietly enjoying the ambiance, another man entered the lounge and glanced around to find the empty seat next to Rachel. He was tall with black curly hair and blue eyes. He flashed a dimpled smile at Rachel asking, "Are you holding this for anyone?"

"No," Rachel returned the smile. He ordered a scotch and sat down and after a bit began chatting with Rachel, small talk asking if she was visiting the city.

"No, we drove up for a weekend but we live only a half hour away."

She continued introducing herself and her husband. James reached across and shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, James. My name's Mike."

Talk swung to the ballet and how Rachel had been a dancer with them. As they talked, Rachel turned more toward Mike since they seemed to be carrying on most of the conversation. James bought a round of drinks switching to scotch himself. It went down smoothly and Mike offered to buy a round and as he and Rachel continued their conversation, Mike's arm came up to rest on the back of Rachel's chair and it almost seemed as if he absentmindedly began lightly stroking Rachel's back along the thin spaghetti straps with his finger tips. It may have been the drinks, but James found it strangely erotic to see Mike touching his wife like that. As he watched, Rachel slowly turned toward Mike, bit-by-bit, during their conversation. James couldn't discern what they were saying and soon Rachel was sitting with her back to her husband intent on Mike's words. James ordered another scotch for himself.

He busied himself looking around at the other patrons in the bar as Rachel and Mike carried on their low conversation. Half the people had left the room when Rachel turned back to her husband, her eyes sparkling, and laid her hand upon his.

"James, Mike wants me to come up to his room. And he wants you there too."

James tilted his head inquiringly at his wife.

"And what do you want?"

"I wouldn't go without you."

"That doesn't answer the question. What do you want?"

Rachel licked her lips and whispered, "I want to go."

James got off the bar stool and looked at Mike who remained cool. He tossed a few bills on the bar and held out his arm to Rachel.

"Then let's go."

They left the room and crossed the lobby to the elevator bank. Once in the car, Mike pushed the button for his floor and turned to Rachel and kissed her lightly on the lips. James stood back knowing that Rachel must be thoroughly turned on to think about having sex with another man. He had to admit to himself that he found it arousing and curious as to why Mike wanted him in the room too...perhaps to watch his wife get fucked? The door slid open and Mike led the way to his room, unlocked the door and waved them inside.

Mike was wearing a shirt and slacks. He waved toward a chair.

"You can put your jacket there, James. Then I want you to get under the bed."

"Under the bed! What are you talking about? I'm not going..."

Rachel came to him, kissing him lightly on his lips, "Do it darling. Please."

James couldn't deny that his body was reacting to the idea as he felt his cock pressing against his pants. He tossed his jacket onto the chair and laid on the floor on his back and scooted under the bed. All he could see were Mike's and Rachel's legs. Mike walked away and turned on a radio. The strains for Sinatra singing floated into the room as Mike turned the lights low. James watched as the two pairs of legs came together and began dancing. Music..."Keep that breathless charm, won't you please arrange it 'cause I love you, just the way you look tonight." Rachel's legs spun out, twirling as Mike led her through the dance, out, coming back together...close...close...holding still. Holding...holding close. Rachel raised one leg off the floor, the lower half of her leg held out horizontally. Her dress sliding down. James reached down to feel his hardening cock. Mike's shirt joined her dress on the floor. His pants and underwear dropped. Rachel's bra followed and James watched as her thumbs hooked into her panties and pulled them down as she simultaneously slipped off her sandals. James could just make out Mike's hands cupping Rachel's ass as they stood, swaying slightly to the music. The legs moved closer to the bed, first Rachel's legs disappeared as the mattress above James sagged, followed by Mike.

James strained to listen to what was happening a couple of inches above him. He could hear heavy breathing followed by muffled vocal sounds.

"MMmmm...Ungggg...ooohhhhh oh yes...yes..."

He recognized his wife's soft voice urging Mike on the way she had so often urged him. James undid the front of his pants to free his straining cock. As the mattress moved rhythmically above him, he began to stroke his aching cock...feeling good...sooo good. Above him, the movement increased.

"MMMMmmm oh yeah...fuck.," Mike's voice grunting, "Ugh ugh ugh...tight cunt...tight fucking are a hot fucking cunt...ugh ugh ugh. Mmm...wait...wait..."

James hanging on every word and every sound continued to pleasure his cock. Above him, the weight shifted and Rachel's legs came into view followed quickly by Mike's calves. Mike's weight was on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor, the back of his calves inches away from James. Mike spread his feet apart and James watched as Rachel knelt between Mike's legs, her smooth thighs facing James as he kept stroking. Mike's weight pressed the mattress down as he laid back across the bed and James heard the soft sound of Rachel's mouth, soft sucking sounds.

"Ughggnnnnnnggh yeah, yeah...cocksucking it. Suck my cock. Unnnggggg."

James wouldn't have stopped her if he could. He was feeling too horny himself knowing that his wife was sucking another man's cock inches away and all he could hear was Mike's pleasure from her mouth. He watched fascinated as Rachel's fingers began to work her wet pussy. He could hear her moaning as she sucked...


"Uuuggghnnnnn mmmm yeah, fuck...cocksucking cunt...I'm gonna cum." Mike began to grunt as James watched the mattress above him humping, humping up against Rachel's face. "Ughngg... yes...yeah ...fuck uk ugkkk ...Cummmiiinnnggggg...I'm CUMMINGGGG!."

Rachel's fingers rubbing her pussy... "Mmmmmnnn slurppppp....sluuuurrrrppp MMmmmggggnnngg...I'M CUMMMIGGG!"

James knew from the sound that Rachel was cumming too from her finger fucking and with strong strokes, he began to unload his heavy balls shooting cum all over his shirt cumming with Mike and Rachel...."Ohhhh fuck fuck soooooo good. So fucking gooooood I'M CUMMINGGGGG!"

For the next few moments, there was only the sound of heavy breathing from the three of them with music playing softly in the background. Then Mike swung off the bed, his legs heading toward the bathroom. Rachel stood and went to the pile of clothes in the center of the room as James slid out from under the bed. James put his softening cock into his pants and came to his wife as she slipped into her cocktail dress. She looked at him and whispered, "I love you" James could see strings of cum dancing along her tongue and lips as she spoke. He looked into her beautiful green eyes and kissed her, holding her close not caring that his cum was staining the front of her dress, not caring that he could taste Mike's cum on his wife's mouth. He had just had the best cumming of his life.

" I love you too."

Mike came out of the bathroom and James saw, for the first time, the cock that had turned his wife on. It was soft now and hanging down but was as long as James's cock when he had a hardon. He came to the couple knowing that none of them felt remorse, only that all of them enjoyed cumming.

"You are a great fuck, Rachel, and an excellent cocksucker. Thanks. And, James, I'm sure you enjoyed yourself too." He led them toward the door, "Maybe we will get together again sometime."

Back in their own room, James held his wife close. He knew that he had been turned on as much by Mike fucking Rachel as if he had fucked her himself. She looked well fucked and she looked radiant. James kissed her, still tasting the lingering cum, "I love you, Rachel." Without bothering to clean up, they fell into bed and a deep sleep.

The next morning James awoke slowly hearing Rachel moving around the room.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. I've been awake an hour and have already made myself ready."

He thought he had never seen her look more gorgeous with her hair shining clean and pulled up into a knot in back held together by two "chop sticks." She had already applied her makeup and to complete the oriental look was wearing a black silk kimono with bright orange chrysanthemums decorating the robe.

"All I have to do is dress and I'm ready for the day."

The telephone buzzed and Rachel picked it up. "Yes? Oh! Good morning... Yes, I'm awake and up already... " Rachel's voice became softer, more intimate. "Thank you... Yes, I did too. Yes, yes...if you want. All right." She put the phone down. "He wants me."

James felt his cock stiffen.

"He wants you? When?"

"Right now."


"I'm going to him."

"I know. I won't try to stop you...I...I love you."

Rachel went to the door, still in her kimono. She opened it and turned, "I love you too." And she was gone.

It was a long morning for James. All he could think of as he showered and dressed was his wife going to a man she had just met the night before so he could fuck her. He remembered how thick and long Mike's cock was even though it had grown soft after Rachel had sucked him off. He could imagine it sinking deep into Rachel's pussy, over and over and over as he pumped his cum into her. In his mind he could hear her moaning and crying out the way the three of them had in unison, I'm CUMMING! And the lovely feeling he had knowing they were all getting off at the same time. The thoughts kept him horny all morning and he needed to get himself off, but by noon he wanted to get his mind off what she was doing, to change what he was feeling.

The maid had come to the room so he wrote a quick note.

"Darling, I am having lunch in the hotel restaurant. If you want, join me. I love you, James."

He left the note under the edge of the telephone and went down to eat. He skimmed the newspaper while having lunch hoping to see Rachel join him but he finished and signed the check, eager to get back to the room. He saw that she had not yet returned. The room was cleaned but the note was as he left it under the telephone, but the message light was blinking. He dialed the message center and heard Rachel's voice.

"Hello darling. I know I've been gone a long time, but don't worry. I am all right. I'm not sure when I'll be finished here, but don't expect me until late. Love you."

And the message was over. He was relieved to hear from her that she was all right, but he couldn't help but notice that there was a lot of male conversation going on in the background. It sounded like a party going on. All kinds of thoughts ran through his head, thoughts that made him remember the three of them and their hoarse cries again as he lay under the bed ... I'M CUMMING...I'M CUMMING ... I'M CUMMING and he found his hand going to his hardon. As he stroked his cock, he pictured his wife going down on Mike's cock, her thighs only a couple of inches from his eyes, the gurgling sounds of her mouth as she sucked it...and his own cock exploded with a thrill that he had never felt before..."Unnnnggghhh fuck fuuuuck ohhhh ohhhsoooo good."

He cleaned up, roamed around the room. Sat and tried to watch TV, but his mind kept coming back to Rachel, his sweet, hot Rachel and what she must be doing. He may have dozed off, but a slight sound roused him. The light level in the room was down as twilight had set in. The sound repeated itself, a light tapping on the door. He quickly went to it and opened it to see Rachel wrapped in her Kimono and looking as well-fucked as a woman could look. She stepped into the room and it immediately filled with her strong cunt aroma. James closed the door and looked at his wife. She stood in front of him as she reached into the pockets of the kimono and pulled out handfuls of money. She put it on the bureau and said, "There's over $4,000 there." She opened the kimono and let it drop to the floor. She was literally covered in cum. Her hair was no longer up, the chopsticks missing. It fell to her shoulders in clumps of dried cum. Her face had streaks of cum extending along her cheeks, nose, lips, and jawline. Dried drops of it were in her eyelashes. Her tits were slick with cum streaks that extended down to her small shaved triangle of hair. It was matted and stuck to her belly, thick and wet. Little streams of cum, still wet, leaked from her pussy and slowly ran down her thighs. But what made him stare were the words. All over her body in ballpoint ink and lipstick, like tattoos, were words ..."cunt, cocksucker, whore, cum slut, fuck me." On her back in big red lipstick letters was "fuck hole" and an arrow pointing down to the crack of her ass. Along the inside of both thighs, "Fuck here" with arrows pointing to her cunt.

"Mike runs a business. He gets a large group of men together and provides them with a whore for the day. Today he had about forty men...I lost count with so many of them cumming more than once. He offered me a job, one day a week and we split the money."

She gestured to the pile of green bills on the bureau, "This is my half including tips."

Before he could say anything, the phone rang. "That will be Mike looking for my decision." She picked up the phone and handed it to James.

He put the phone to his ear to hear Mike's voice.

"Well, what's the answer? Yes or no?"

James thought about the money and how it could end their financial problems and he looked at Rachel feeling that she had never looked so exciting and sexy and said, "yes." And hung up the phone. He looked at his wife, the whore, and thought she had never looked so beautiful to him. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She raised her arms around his neck, kissing him back, and pressed down on his shoulders, gently pushing him to his knees in front of her. With her fingers entwined in his hair, she pulled him forward, pressing her cunt to his mouth as he kissed the wet lips, full and puffy with eroticism. As he sucked, her cunt began to convulse with pleasure and he felt her muscles pumping the stored up cum of dozens of men into his mouth. His hand began to stroke his rock hard cock as Rachel fucked his mouth. It didn't take long before their hoarse voices began crying, "I'M CUMMING...I'M CUMMING."