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There's an old saying, 'What happens on tour stays on tour.' When it doesn't there can only be dire consequences. My good friends Dave, Tim, John and I play a lot of golf, usually at the local courses around our beautiful town. Two or three times a year we detach ourselves from our wives and head out of town to conquer courses that we hadn't played on before. Normally these trips include a lot of drinking, eating and a bit of golf thrown in. On our last trip we checked into a motel with a huge indoor spa pool and after eighteen holes of golf and too much food and booze we retreated to the spa. One thing led to another and after a dare we ended up calling in two hookers. We had never done this before but it seemed a bloody good idea at the time. The two hookers were good looking girls in their early twenties and were earning money to live on while putting themselves through university. The girls were real party animals and after they produced a joint or two, it was all on. There wasn't anything that these girls wouldn't do and I mean anything. They sucked and fucked us all by ourselves, then all together and then whatever combination we wanted. They were only booked for an hour but stayed three after a bit of friendly negotiation. By the time they left we were four very worn out but happy golfers. The next day on the drive home we all agreed that we were to keep the hookers to ourselves. No matter what we would deny everything. Our wives were all friends and if one of them got a sniff of what happened we were all in for the high jump. It was all agreed; silence and discretion were the words of wisdom.

Well guess what? About three weeks later I was sitting in my favorite chair with a full belly, a beer in my hand and watching my favorite TV program. I could hear my wife Jodie talking on the phone in the kitchen and after a few minutes she walked into the lounge and switched the TV off at the wall. Standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips she asked, "What's this about you guys and hookers?"

I knew immediately that what was supposed to have stayed on tour hadn't. I tried at first to deny it but she knew all about it, even down to the girls' names, what they did and how much they had cost. Someone had blabbed badly. I was deeply in the shit, I could count the number of times I had lied to Jodie on one hand but she had caught me red handed. To me there is a vast difference in omitting telling her something and outright lying. I sort of worked on the need to know basis and omitted telling her things all of the time, but telling lies to her was something else. She sat opposite me and looked deep into my eyes as I confirmed it, I just couldn't lie to her. In the end I told her it was just a little fun and it didn't mean anything. I first got the tears which fast turned to anger as Jodie unleashed her wrath upon me. When she finally ran out of steam I ended up with all of my clothes on the floor in front of me and was banished from our bed.

It was tough; Jodie had been my sole mate for nineteen years and my wife for fifteen. At thirty-eight years old she was one handsome lady. Jodie stood at five feet ten inches tall; she had a stunning face with high cheekbones with a speckle of freckles. Her fair hair was cut short above her shoulders. However, to me her Amazonian shaped body was her best attribute; she was wide shouldered, narrow-waisted with ample and pert breasts. Her legs were long and shapely from top to bottom. She was the perfect wife, good looking, hardworking, loyal, confident, intelligent and a wonderful lover to boot. While reading this you may ask yourself why then did I go with two hookers? The answer is that to this day I don't know, if you can tell me I would greatly appreciate it.

The next day I rang the others from work and we were all in the same predicament, it seemed that John had bragged to a work mate who told someone else and on it went. Enough got back to John's wife to make her suspicious and he stupidly owned up. Three phone calls later and all of our wives knew. For some reason I got the blame as the instigator which wasn't quire right but I didn't argue. After a few weeks I thought I was heading for divorce as Jodie distanced her self from me. I finally spoke to her about me moving out and she broke down and cried. That night we talked for hours and we decided on marriage counseling instead of separation. Over the next few weeks we attended counseling; out of all of the counselors in town Jodie managed to pick the youngest and most attractive female counselor. Because of one night of fun I bared my sole to this unknown woman and after several sessions and a lot of money she told us that we still had a good relationship and marriage. Her question was should it be destroyed over one stupid night of fun? She told us that statistically, one man in three has an affair in their married life and one woman in six. If Jodie and I were to be believed; other than this one night of stupidity there had not been any other indiscretion by either party. It wasn't even an affair, just a sexual transaction. The counselor's advice was to try and put it behind us and work on the future. She turned to me and told me that I had to work hard to rebuild that trust that Jodie had once had in me.

As time went on things returned back to normal, I would have to say that in some ways we had become closer as we realised that our marriage wasn't as bullet proof as we once thought. The only time it became a problem was if Jodie had too much to drink; then the night of the hookers would always be at the forefront of her mind.

Dave and I stayed friends but the friendships between John and Tim soon soured and the socializing stopped. Dave's wife Laura and Jodie were friends from way back and consoled each other as the weeks dragged on. About six months later Dave, Laura and Jodie and I took a long weekend at a hotel about a four drive from our hometown. It was a plush hotel and we normally wouldn't even consider staying there but they were running adverts for discounted weekends. We booked a two-bedroom suite and between the four of us it was very affordable. The four of us got on very well together and often went away for weekends. Dave and Laura also went through a tough time over the hookers but the dynamics of their relation ship was always different to Jodie's and mine. Dave is a tall burly car salesman who simply tells things as they are. He is loud and opinionated sometimes to the point of being obnoxious. Laura on the other hand is a petite redhead and quiet and calm in nature; this doesn't mean she doesn't stand up for herself. Both Jodie and I know that Dave is allowed be the boss on all trivial matters but Laura rules the roost when it really comes to anything of importance. From what I could ascertain Dave was almost forgiven about being with the hookers.

Most of the time, Dave and Jodie get on swimmingly with each other but they sometimes differ in opinion and neither will budge, which was what happened that weekend.

The subject of the hookers came up in conversation while at the bar on Saturday night when Dave eyes wandered over the ladies as they walked passed our table. By this time Jodie had a few drinks in her and wasn't in the mood for any sexist behavior and gave him an earful. Dave told Jodie that he wasn't misbehaving and that she didn't understand men in general. Up for the challenge Jodie asked Dave to enlighten us. Laura was smiling at Dave's dilemma but Dave rose to the bait. The bar became too noisy to have a conversation and we retired to the spa adjoining our room. We wore swimming attire, as we hadn't moved to being nude even though it had been discussed. Jodie wasn't yet comfortable enough with Dave. Laura looked good in a swimming costume, while petite she had good-sized breasts and nice legs, not quite to Jodie's standards but then everyone has their own particular tastes. We listened to Dave's view on the difference between men and woman. Basically it was that: men separate love and sex where women don't. Men can have sex with multiple partners and think nothing of it; it's just like driving a different car. A man will have sex even if they don't particularly like the woman, sex is just sex. Women on the other hand normally like to get to know and like a man before they have sex with him. Its normally an emotional as well as a physical act. There aren't many women who would have sex with a man after just meeting him.

While Laura and I took it our stride Jodie got stuck in. Basically she told Dave that women are more responsible and have at least some morals. If a woman did want to have some downright dirty casual sex they could if they so desired. Dave just smiled as Jodie took the bait. We soon changed the subject and after an hour or so the spa became unbearable and we went to bed. I could have strangled Dave, Jodie was so angry she refused sex and I ended up spending the night with a hard on that refused to go away. To make matters worse I could hear Dave and Laura at it in the next room.

The next day we spent lying around by the pool in the hot sun. The bar was close by and after lunch we retired to a table in the shade. Jodie and Laura both looked good in their bathing suits but they each put on a thin wrap when they sat at the table. Dave was at it again leering at all of the girls as they walked past. He admitted later that he was doing it to get Jodie going again. Jodie tried to ignore it but then Dave asked me what I thought of this girl and that. Just to play him at his own game Jodie then started commenting on the guys to Laura who thought it was a great joke. Jodie suggested that they look for good-looking guys with big feet on the basis that the bigger their feet the bigger their dicks will be. As the afternoon past and the drinks flowed it got a bit cruder and I have to admit I was just as guilty as Dave as we discussed the various attributes of the ladies.

Later in the afternoon four guys in their early thirties rolled up to the bar.

"He's the one." Jodie said to Laura. "The one in the black shirt."

"Mmmm." Laura commented he's cute. He's got big feet too." she joked.

Dave and I looked him over; he was good looking, around six feet tall with spiky blonde hair. He was deeply tanned and dressed in a tight black shirt and blue jeans. The tight shirt showed off good arm and chest muscle definition. Jodie and Laura drooled over him while he laughed and carried on with his friends as they had a good time. Their idol was doing most of the talking and making the others laugh.

They had been at the bar for half an hour or so when we ran out of drinks.

"I'll go." Jodie offered. She undid her wrap and placed it on her chair before she headed towards the bar dressed only in a red swimsuit and sandals. She struttered her stuff as she walked towards the bar, the four guys stopped talking and ogled as Jodie walked up to the bar and stood close to them. She started to talk to them while waiting for the barman. The guys stepped closer and they were soon laughing at something Jodie said. The conversation continued until she was served and she returned with a tray of drinks.

"He's better looking up close. His name's Josh." Jodie stated to Laura as she carefully placed the tray on the table.

Laura giggled, "How much better looking?"

"Up close he's a nine out of ten."

For the next few minutes the girls discussed his attributes. The drink and the sun were taking its effect on all of us and by this time Dave was getting a bit surly.

"Well, would you fuck him?" he asked Jodie.

"Definitely!" Jodie told him after taking a sip of her drink. She turned to Laura "What about you Laura, would you let him stick his dick into you?"

"Mmmmm. He is a bit of a hunk. I wouldn't mind him putting his slippers under my bed."

"I wasn't talking about his slippers; I was talking about his dick." Jodie said to her.

Laura laughed and then blushed.

"You're all bloody talk." Dave retorted. "What do you think?" he asked me.

The three of them looked across at me. Jodie sat there staring fiercely at me with her big blue eyes; she was daring me I realized. To be honest I didn't know what to think; Jodie had her gander up and with more than a few drinks in her she was unpredictable. She would be capable of anything.

"Well darling, would I be capable of taking Josh up to our room and fucking his brains out? You could watch which is more than Laura and I got to do when you were with your hookers."

I was dumb struck as I could see that Jodie was serious, it was as if she was daring me. I had never seen her so intense. I hesitated before answering.

"I don't know. A few months ago I would have said no, now I don't know. If you did I don't think I'd have the right to stop you."

Jodie looked across at me for a few seconds and grinned mischievously. "Good answer."

"What a load of shit." Dave countered. "You wouldn't have the guts. You're all talk and no do."

Jodie looked over at Dave. "Don't count on it. What about Laura, don't you think she deserves a freebee too?"

I laughed as Dave's face fell for a split second before he recovered with a smirk.

"She doesn't need another cock, she's got me." he said patting Laura on the knee. She pushed his hand away.

"Its not about need Dave, it's about want. Laura might want a decent sized cock for a change." Jodie told him.

We all laughed at Dave's expense. He fell quiet for a while.

"Well, here's your chance." Dave said.

We looked over at the bar, Josh's friends were leaving while he stood at the bar; within seconds he was alone. He looked our way and Jodie gave him a wave and got one and a smile back.

"Well Jodie, off you go. He's there waiting for you."

She sat there and gave Dave a dirty look.

Dave now thought he was on a winner. "See what I mean, you said you wanted to fuck him and now you're too scared. You women are all talk." he scoffed.

Jodie stared at him and then at me. "So, I'm too scared am I?"

I couldn't think of anything to say.

Right then, we'll see." Jodie said.

Jodie stood up and walked over to the bar to where Josh was standing finishing his drink, he smiled when he saw her coming. Jodie leaned in close to talk to him even though there was no one close. From where we were sitting you could see the look of surprise on his face. They spoke for a few seconds more, Josh looked over at us and then back to Jodie. He smiled. Jodie turned and walked back to our table.

"Josh said he would love to fuck both of us. I'll leave the door open. You're in this too." Jodie directed at Laura as she picked up her handbag and headed for the entrance of the hotel where Josh was waiting.

"Oops." Dave said. "I think I fucked that up."

I sat there stunned until Laura stood up and grabbed me by my arm. "C'mon, you can't let Jodie go up there by herself with him."

I was almost dizzy as Laura and I walked towards our room, Dave was following after he had downed his beer. Our room door was slightly ajar and we walked in, Jodie was standing up in the middle of the room kissing Josh. She broke the kiss as we walked in.

"Sit over there and watch." she said.

"Don't do this Jodie." Laura said. "You tell her." she then said to me.

I couldn't say anything, the thought of Jodie getting fucked by another man was beginning to turn me on.

"I'm gonna do this." Jodie said to all of us. You can stay and watch or leave."

"Are you okay with this?" Josh asked me nervously.

"He isn't the right person to ask." Jodie told him.

She then went over to a couch and quickly flipped it out into a double bed; walking back to Josh she kissed him passionately and started to undo his shirt. He reciprocated and ran his hands down the back of her swimsuit and stroked the outside of her thighs, he then moved his hands upwards and fondled her breasts. By this time Jodie was ready to remove his shirt, she leaned back while she did so. This gave Josh the opportunity to slip the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her tanned breasts. Her nipples were erect; Josh stroked them for a few seconds before leaning down and sucking on each one. Jodie's breathing became heavier as her breast was suckled. I sat down on a chair to watch, Laura came and sat on the arm of the chair, she took my hand in hers as if to comfort me. Dave just sat himself down on the floor to watch.

Josh then knelt down and pushed her bathing suit to the floor where Jodie stepped out of it. He ran his tongue up and down each of her thighs and then to the thin strip of light coloured pubic hair. Jodie opened her thighs slightly and pushed forward to give his tongue better access. She ran her hands thorough his blonde hair as he licked pussy, her eyes were closed and pure pleasure was visible in her face. After a while she pulled him up to a standing position and kissed him while undoing his belt of his jeans. Lowering herself down on her knees she pulled his jeans down to his ankles. A large bulge was visible in his boxers, Jodie ran her tongue along it before she reached inside for his cock and pulled it out. It was pretty big; it looked much bigger than mine. She stroked it a few times and then placed her lips over the head of it and began to suck it while using her hands to push his boxers down to his ankles. Jodie turned her head towards me and ran her tongue up and down the length of it.

"It's a nice cock, I'm really going to enjoy this." she said as she looked into my eyes.

By this time I had a raging hard-on and was dying to stroke it, the trouble was Laura was holding my hand, I noticed that she was trembling and breathing hard as she watched.

Jodie stood up and led Josh to the bed, she turned him around, sat him down and pushed gently down on his back. She then slid around into the 69 position and mounted him moving herself into the right position. Without using her hands, she lowered her mouth onto Dave's waiting cock. She was facing us only about ten feet away. We had a perfect view of my wife sucking on his big cock. Again her eyes bored into me as her head bobbed noisily up and down on the top three of four inches of Josh's cock. Josh must have been making headway with his tongue on her pussy as Jodie's sucking became erratic. She lifted her head and closed her eyes in ecstasy but still had the courtesy to stroke his cock with her hand. After a few minutes she lifted herself off of and walked around to the end of the bed. Stepping in between Josh's legs she sat down gently on Josh's torso and guided his cock between her thighs so that it was poking out in front of her pubic hair. She leaned back and rubbed her pussy up and down his cock a few times before she guided it into her opening with her hand.

"Well guys, this is it." she said as lowered herself down onto his cock. We had a perfect view of his cock as it disappeared further into her pussy with every stroke. Jodie's face distorted with concentration as she slowly moved up and down until it was in to the hilt. She moved up and down for a few seconds before she opened her eyes and looked over at us.

"Its real nice." she said to Laura. "We should do this more often."

My heart was pounding with excitement and my cock was ready to burst out of my jeans. I looked over at Dave who was engrossed in what was taking place in front of his eyes. He too had a bulge in his pants but I felt no jealousy.

She then started to build up a steady rhythm, she leaned backwards as her pussy was noisily impaled. His cock was slick with her juices as it disappeared in and out of her pubic hair. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip as the onslaught continued for a few minutes. Josh's reached around and began to play with her breasts, a small smile appeared as her nipples hardened. She likes her nipples being tweaked. Then Jodie slowed down and came to a stop.