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My wife is a bright and beautiful lady. The adventure I'm about to share with you happened when she was about thirty years old. For some odd reason that I can't explain, the thought of my wife having sex with another man turns me on. She would never agree to it, of course, but when I shared my fantasy with her, and described all of the naughty behaviors I would like to see her perform, she actually got excited.

When I asked her why she was so aroused she responded, "...the fantasy is one thing, the reality quite another."

So, I didn't press the issue. Instead, I began to incorporate my fantasies into our lovemaking. One time I was the bell boy. Another time I was one of her co-workers, etc. She never failed to respond enthusiastically. But, I had to find a way to take the next step.

My wife is 5'8" tall, and weighs about 125 pounds. She is a brunette with naturally curly hair that cascades down to her shoulders. Her hair is so lustrous that it shines as brightly as her incandescent smile.

I shared my fantasy with my best friend who has always been enamored with my wife. Together we brainstormed about how I could finally fulfill my voyeuristic desires.

This is what we came up with: I told Louise that Nick was taking massage lessons and would appreciate it if she would volunteer to be his homework partner. She readily agreed. She always loved a good massage. And now she would be getting them for free.

Nick, being a horny bachelor, told me that massages were always the gateway to seduction. We planned the massage for a Saturday evening so that no one would have to work the next morning. As a thank you to Louise, Nick was to prepare a light dinner for us. Nothing too heavy, as we didn't want to risk her being uncomfortable. The anticipation was excruciatingly delicious. We were both like giddy little school boys eagerly awaiting Santa's Christmas arrival.

Saturday finally came. I watched with lustful eyes as Louise began dressing after her shower. I love looking at her naked shoulders. Her long neck is stunning. Her breasts are not large but extremely attractive. She has nipples that beg for attention. I watched as she slipped into the white cotton bikini panties (She was totally unaware of our scheme). Next came the black cotton bra. Her nipples were very erect and the unlined bra provided no hinderance to her lovely protuberances. She pulled the form fitting black T-shirt snuggly onto her pretty torso.

After she stepped into her crisp white shorts, she turned to me and said, "Shows over sweetie-pie, let's go!"

I couldn't help but think, "the show has just begun sugar-britches", but I resisted the urge to say anything.

We stopped off to pick up a bottle of Merlot on the way to Nick's apartment. I watched from the car as Louise made her way into the store. Umm, I love watching her! She has such great posture. She walks so boldly. Her breasts have that nice little jiggle under her tight T-shirt. When she exited the store an innocent passerby gave her an admiring glance. She smiled at him and he actually stopped and turned completely around as she walked past. His eyes focused on that sweet little ass of hers. I always get aroused when I see other men appreciate my honey.

We arrived at Nicks at the appointed time and shared a glass of wine as he finished preparing the meal. Louise was asking about the massage classes and Nick invented a response, using buzz words like accupressure, and shiatsu, and the spiritual realm. It was obvious to me that Nick didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about. I had to bite my tongue to prevent any spontaneous laughter from giving the game away.

Louise bit; hook, line, and sinker. She never suspected a thing.

Nick served up a rice and vegetable dish that really wasn't too bad. We all had another glass of wine with our dinner and shared stories about past events and old friends. It was quite nice. We continued our conversation in the living room and looked at some photographs from Nick's recent travels. After about an hour, Nick asked Louise if she was ready to help with his home work. She asked where the massage table was, and Nick replied that he hadn't purchased one yet, but that he had placed some bath towels on his bed, and that he would like to do the massage there. Louise agreed on the condition that I be there also (This was working better than I had imagined).

Nick and I were mesmerized as my sweetheart removed her top and then casually stepped out of her shorts. She then lay face down on the bed. Nick dimmed the lights and quietly turned on some smooth jazz to set the mood. After lighting a twig of incense, he warmed the massage oil by rubbing it into his palms. He asked Louise to slip the straps of her little black bra off of her shoulders. She complied.

He began massaging her neck and shoulders, slowly and deeply. Louise responded with a low purring. Nick looked at me and smiled. I winked back and took a seat next to the bed. Already, my erection was clamoring for freedom. Nick made his way down her back and paused when he reached the clasp of her bra. Again he looked in my direction. I nodded to him and silently mouthed, go for it. Nick unclasped the bra and my sweet wifey said nothing.

Nick patiently massaged his way down my wife's back. I was extremely aroused now, and I could see that Nick was also. His hands neared those little white panties and he actually slid his moist fingers under the waistband and began kneading her ass. He then started on her thighs. I watched, in amazement as Louise opened a slight gap between her thighs. More low purrs of pleasure came from my wife. She made no protest as he slowly slid his warm moist hands to the folds of her panty clad aromatic pussy. She responded with a heart felt husky moan. He continued working her upper thighs and calves, as well as her feet for another twenty minustes before requesting that she roll over onto her back. The smell of her sex was intoxicating!

She raised up on her forearms and allowed her bra to fall free. She turned over and without opening her eyes lay down on her back. Her breasts were magnificent! The nipples were more erect than I have ever seen them and her panties were dripping!

I couldn't stop myself. I stood up and walked to the bed and bent down and kissed her. She was so beautiful! She responded eagerly to my kiss while Nick began to slide her panties down. It was terribly exciting. Louise raised her hips slightly to allow the panties to be pulled completely down her thighs and finally off of her ankles. She kept her arms relaxed along her sides and didn't move a muscle as Nick began to massage her mound.

My erection was straining the seams of my pants. Louise parted her thighs further and Nick began to slowly, dliberately, lick her clit. I kissed her deeply again as Nick inserted a finger into her. He was really into getting her off. She was squirming now. Her thighs were now wide open for Nick. He inserted more fingers while continuing his licking. As she became increasingly responsive, Nick picked up the pace of his licking.

I returned to my chair to watch. Nick reached up with one hand and massaged each of my honey's breasts as he continued his passionate licking. Her breasts were now gleaming as their oily sheen reflected the dim light. Louise suddenly grabbed him by the hair and forced him further into her snatch and started humping his face furiously as gutteral growels emanated from deep within her primal place. She began screaming and screaming. She couldn't catch her breath. Finally, she flushed and surrendered to the most powerful orgasm that I have ever witnessed.

She lay there, legs apart, completely spent. Nick and I both undressed and lay beside her. She had a look of fear in her eyes and I asked her if she were ok. She said she was concerned about going any further. Nick and I could have proceeded, but I knew that she needed time to contemplate what had just happened. We just lay together as friends, our arms entwined, and enjoyed a quiet time together, just the three of us.