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Judy and I decided to spend the weekend in Atlanta. We had tickets to the N.Y. Rangers Hockey Game. They were playing the Thrashers. We booked a room at the Holiday Inn across the park from the Coliseum. When we got away for the weekend we set some 'ground rules'. When Judy packed she was not allowed to pack any under things. She was only to bring short skirts and revealing blouses. We got to the game and took our seats. Right in front of us were a group of businessmen out to have a good time. Judy was about to ensure that they did. She was wearing a very short jean skirt and a half shirt. From their view below us they could easily see up her blouse and see the lower curves of her breasts. When she cheered her nipples showed. Her skirt was so short that she actually sat her bare ass on the seat. When she spread her legs everything was visible!

It didn't take long for her to strike up a conversation with the guys. They were from Jacksonville, Florida. It was obvious that they were more interested in talking and looking at Judy than watching the game. There was a long period when they had to repair the glass wall and Judy and I and the guys really got into discussions. They kept taking turns going up to get beers. After a bit they said that it was Judy's turn. She agreed and one of the guys (Phil) suggested that it would be easier if she stepped down over their chairs to get out. Phil reached up to lift her up and slipped his hands under her skirt to lift her by her hips. Her skirt rode up to her waist exposing her front and rear. She just giggled and Phil sorta just kind of lingered with his hand under her skirt. She went out to get the beers and came back down their aisle. Instead of coming back up our row she sat among them. They did a lot of joking and they guys on both sides of her had their hands all over her.

We found out that the entire group was staying at the same hotel as we were and we agreed to leave the game after the second period. We all walked across the park to the hotel and went to the bar. The bar was closing so one of the guys said that he had a bottle in his room so we all went up to the room. There were four guys left from the crowd and Judy and I.

Once in the room one of the guys turned on some music and brought out a bottle of vodka. He made some drinks with soft drinks. One of the guys asked Judy to dance. (I can only remember Phil's name). They were dancing slowly and he was rubbing Judy's back under her blouse. He rubbed down and put his hands under her skirt and was rubbing her bare ass. He pulled her close to him; reaching his hand down between the back of her legs. I knew that he found the right spot because Judy sorta spread her legs and had her eyes closed. He reached in front and unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was dancing in front of all these guys only in her half shirt. He started to kneel down in front of her and pushed his face against her breasts. She lifted up her shirt and pulled it over her head and he started to suck her nipples. She was now totally naked in a room with four strange men. He bent further and placed his face between her legs. Judy walked forward and little causing the guy to fall back and she lowered herself onto his face.

She slipped back onto his stomach and started to unbutton his shirt; then his pants. She was playing with his dick and asked for a condom. One of the guys had to search his bags for some. He finally found them and she put one on his dick and lowered herself onto it. We have a thing between us. I love it when she looks into my eyes when she is being entered by somebody else. She look at me and smiled because she knew that she was doing something that really turned me on. She only had sex with two of the guys. Two were married and only wanted to 'play around' with her; but, wouldn't go 'too far'.

We stayed with them for most of the night. Judy danced naked with all four of them. One gave her a body rub and she sucked both of the guys that she had sex with.

When we left she put her skirt and shirt on and we started to leave. One of the guys asked if she'd leave their room naked and go down the hall to the vending machine naked first. She took her clothes back off and went down and got him two cokes. Instead of putting her clothes back on she just looked at me and said lets go. We walked to the elevators with her naked and took the elevator down two floors and down the hall to our room. I was disappointed because we saw nobody! But, it was such a turn on!

We hardly got into the room before I had her on the bed!!! What a night!