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As we entered the gulf and the wide open waters they took off in all directions as Jeff performed stunts with my wake and bow wave. They slowed and Judy crawled in front of Jeff so that he was sitting behind her. He still drove the runner. They played with each other a lot then Judy leaned forward on the handle bars and I watched as Jeff easily slid into her. She leaned back and was being fucked as they rode the waves. What a sight! Watching my wife fuck another man in broad daylight while I watched! I was so turned on! Things must have gotten pretty intense because they stopped the runner and Judy leaned forward and Jeff stood to fuck her from behind with strong thrusts. Judy was holding onto the bars as they nearly tipped the runner. I brought my boat to a stop to watch them. There was no opportunity for a condom so when he came it was inside of her. I could tell when he was cuming by the way he was thrusting. She was trying to reach back and pull him closer inside of her.

We rode in the gulf for an hour or so; the two of them on the runner and me enjoying the show. Later, they pulled along side and tied off the runner and the two of them came on the boat. We brought sandwiches and drinks and lounged around the boat. Eventually, all three of us were naked as we enjoyed the sun and seas; diving into the water to keep cool.

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It was late afternoon and we decided to head back in. Jeff and Judy rode the wave runner naked until we reached the homes...actually, they didn't stop until well into the residential area were they could be seen from the shore. I pulled along side of them and Judy came aboard. We gave Jeff directions to our house and told him to come by later in the evening and we'd do some hot tubbing. Judy didn't put her bikini on until we were nearly at the ramp. She was enjoying her last few minutes of exhibitionism; waving to the boats that passed.

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