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Salman and Jawad had known each other since they were boys. They had always been close and remained good friends into their 40's. Jawad was an average man with average looks, he was a bit on the darker side and he was short stood 5' 6" and had a fat tummy, with no great physique as such, owned a small business, and had an average income. Salman, on the other hand, was more remarkable. He had a large business as well as a huge income from real estate. He had much fairer skin than Jawad and his physique was extraordinary for a 40-plus man. He stood 5' 10" and has a strong physique with well-developed body. He exercised regularly and was fit and well muscled. His tummy was flat and his body looked ten years younger than it was.

Jawad was notable in only one respect: he had a beautiful wife, Umera. Most of his relatives and friends consider him lucky to have such a beautiful wife. She was extremely fair, gifted with a flawless complexion. Umera was about 35 years old but didn't look a day older than 25. Nature had been generous in giving her a good height, the figure of a goddess, and a clear complexion. She was still very alluring, even after giving birth to three children. She had fair skin, high cheekbones, a straight nose, a firm chin, and a lovely soft-lipped mouth. Her eyes were so dark as to be almost black, and a set of the full, finest pink and luscious lips from which shone a row of sparkling white perfect teeth, every time she smiled. There were a few small, dark beauty spots on her cheeks. Her genuine, warm, beautiful smile lit up her eyes, and her crowning glory was her long, glossy hair that cascaded to her hips. She always turned heads wherever she went and many men dreamed of possessing her.

Jawad had been married to Umera for fifteen years, and soon after their wedding had introduced her to his best friend. When he met her, Salman had been shocked by her beauty. He could clearly remember his face flushing and his speech stumbling in embarrassment. Umera's beauty, good nature, and exuberance had overwhelmed him and he dreamed about her since that day. Jawad was very much surprised how she agreed to marry him.

He remembered once seeing Umera hanging out the laundry. Every time she'd reached up to clip the wet sheets to the clothesline, her full breasts had strained the buttons of her qameez and her hips and ass had been perfectly outlined as she'd bent to pull another sheet from the basket. The fullness of her breasts and the soft, sexy sway of her hips always made Salman want to touch them. He always needed to be careful around her because his cock often stood and tried to point toward the object of its desire, and it would have been the height of embarrassment for Jawad to notice his excitement.

Salman loved Umera, and he thought that she knew it. Umera was always friendly to Salman, always exchanging sweet nothings with each other, but always acting formal in the presence of her husband. Salman didn't know why she took such care, for whenever she smiled at him, her expression sent thrills of lustful anticipation through his veins. He dreamed of possessing her, and thought Jawad was the luckiest man in the world to have Umera in his bed every night.

To make matters worse, Salman's sex-life with his wife was a slow and boring affair though he knew well all the skills how to woo a woman and was extremely good in bed. The sad fact was that his wife didn't like sex and always tried to avoid it. He began to realize that his wife wouldn't care if he never touched her, and because he was never satisfied at home, he had affairs with other women. He'd developed quite a reputation for the number of different women he'd played around with, and many of the men in his circle were wary of him around their wives, with good reason.

Jawad was more trusting with him, however. Over the years, he'd heard the stories of Salman's conquests and had chided his friend about his lustful nature, but their two families were often together, and Salman had never shown the slightest interest in Umera. His behavior was always scrupulously correct and Umera was the most devoted, the most faithful of wives and mothers. Jawad couldn't even imagine her and Salman together.

Yes, in Umera's case, Salman had always tried to control his feelings, and not just for Jawad's sake. He knew that if he was ever going to consummate his desire for Umera, he couldn't be direct or bold. Despite her innocent nature, Umera was a strong-willed woman with a lively temper. He knew that a forceful approach would earn him a kick in the nuts, at least, so things had to happen gradually. The realization that he'd been planning how to get to Umera was both arousing and disturbing to Salman once he recognized it. After all, she was not just another woman but his best friend's wife. If she had been anybody else, he would have had no problem: fuck her and forget her. In this case, though, he knew he would feel very guilty about betraying Jawad's trust, and didn't like to think about what would happen if he ever found out.

Despite Salman's belief that she knew what was on his mind, Umera was completely oblivious to his intentions. She loved the attention he showered on her, but his presence always made her uncomfortable, and it almost annoyed her that she found him sexy. She liked him, she enjoyed his company, and she often gazed at his body with a great deal of interest. Umera wanted him, but wanting him was not allowed: she was a religious woman and she loved her husband. Umera was grateful that Jawad worked so hard to provide a good life, security and comfort for their family. He was a good man, although not as good a businessman as Salman was, and he was faithful and good to their children. A woman would have to be crazy to be unfaithful to such a good husband.

The only problem with Umera's marriage was that, though Jawad was a good husband, he was less than thrilling in bed, and Umera really enjoyed sex. She had been a virgin on her wedding night, like other good Indian girls, but the loss of her virginity had been more thrilling than painful to her, and Umera enjoyed every one of the new things Jawad had taught her in bed. Whether it was missionary position or doggie-style, Umera found it very exciting. In fact, she loved sex, a lot of sex, and it was sad that her husband wasn't able to give her as much as she wanted. When Jawad and Umera were making love, he never lasted long enough to bring her to orgasm. Sometimes he would take three minutes, sometimes six - but never long enough for the steady rhythm to build her arousal to the point where she could cum. Somewhere during her climb towards orgasm, Jawad would be unable to hold back, and his ejaculation would bring their lovemaking to an abrupt end. If Jawad apologized for not satisfying her, she always reassured him that it didn't matter and that she was content. She often faked her excitement in order to make sure Jawad got what he wanted. Umera felt that it was her duty as a wife to make sure he felt satisfied with their sex life.

After they'd been married for several years, Jawad seemed to lose interest in sex altogether. After their second child was born he only made love to her once or twice a month, and after the third he stopped almost altogether. Finally it had got to the point that he hadn't touched her in over a year. She had never really achieved a powerful orgasm with Jawad, but after a while she didn't even have his mediocre attention. Umera knew that she had a strong libido that hadn't been satisfied in a very long time – maybe ever, and that was the reason she was slowly going crazy. She was frustrated and lusting for a good fuck. It was during this period the seeds of Salman attraction were sown, for there was no chance for her to find a lover without her husband finding out, for, like most Indian women, she rarely came into contact with men when she was alone, and every one she did meet knew her husband, family, and neighbors. Any suspicion of an extra-marital affair would soon reach her husband for news traveled quickly in Umera's world.

So, naturally her attention turned to the gorgeous, desirable man who came to her home all the time. She began to consider that she could get what she so desperately needed from Salman. After all, Jawad trusted both her and Salman. They had all known each other for decades and it would be easy for them to cheat because Jawad would never suspect his best friend. She started fantasizing about Salman, imagining herself in Salman's arms and thought about what it would be like to lie with Salman and feel his cock inside her. She wondered if it would ever come true, but just thinking about how Salman's cock would look and how he would fuck her made Umera's cunt throb with forbidden desire. She even dreamed about Salman while she was lying in bed next to her husband. Umera was ashamed of her wild and lustful thoughts about her husband's friend, but she could not stop herself from fantasizing about him. Umera was a very religious woman, as she had grown up in a very religious family, but sex and religion are two different things: religion doesn't stop one's desires. In an effort to atone for her secret and shameful thoughts, Umera was more observant than ever with religious activities. She also worked harder than ever to be a good wife and mother.

Besides the voice of her conscience, Umera had a dread of the possible consequences of her forbidden desire. Living in a male-dominated society, she shuddered to think what could happen if her husband came to know what she was thinking. He could make her life really miserable, restricting her activities and taking tight control of the money, or he could go so far as to divorce her, throw her out of her home, remove all support and take away her children. She didn't have a trade to support herself and had nowhere to go, and could lose everything. It was a horrible risk to contemplate, so Umera wrestled with herself, trying to stop thinking about Salman as a lover.

Since the families were close friends, Umera and Salman were thrown together frequently. The wanton part of her wished he would take some initiative with her. By this time, Umera knew well that he wanted her, for with the emergence of her own interest, she could easily read the lust in his eyes. However, Salman never made the slightest advance and she would not humiliate herself by making the first move, so there was always a formal line that neither one of them crossed, and the proper part of her was just as glad.

Things began to change when one day Jawad asked to see Salman privately. "I'm in deep trouble," said Jawad, "and even though I hate to ask, I need your help."

"What is it, Jawad?" Salman asked. "Whatever it is, I'll try my best. You've been my friend forever and I'd be glad to help you if I can."

Jawad told Salman that his business had recently hit some hard times and that he was in a precarious financial situation, and asked if he could borrow a million rupees (about US$25,000).

"Wow!" exclaimed Salman. "That's a lot of money!" He knew Jawad well enough to know that if he lent him the money, he'd probably have a hard time getting it back. He thought of Umera and had the spark of an idea. If he loaned him the money, it might give him some leverage. Salman started to consider how he could use this situation to get closer to the object of his dreams.

"I know it's a lot of money, Salman, but I've got a good opportunity to make it back, and then some. I promise I'll pay you back in two months," Jawad said.

Salman pretended to consider for a minute. He knew very well that Jawad would never be able to pay him back so soon, but such a large debt would keep Jawad from saying anything in case he began to suspect Salman's interest in Umera. Salman sighed deeply, and then answered, "OK, Jawad, I'll give you the money, but I'm going to have to ask you to give me a written promise to pay. You know me, Jawad, normally I wouldn't ask, but this is such a huge amount." Jawad agreed, the note was signed and the money exchanged.

When the first month was almost up, Jawad found that he was still having financial trouble and knew he couldn't possibly pay back the money on time. He felt extremely stressed and was acting withdrawn and unhappy, so Umera asked him what was wrong. Jawad told her that he had borrowed a million rupees from Salman and that he wouldn't be able to meet the deadline.

Umera wasn't very surprised that money was the trouble. She thought for a while, then replied, "Salman is your best friend and he's a very kindhearted man. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you asked him for more time."

"How can I ask him? I haven't seen him since I borrowed the money."

"You're so lazy, Jawad. Call him! Oh, never mind, let's do better than that. They haven't been over for a few months, so let's invite them for dinner tomorrow and you can talk to him then."

"But I think his wife has gone to village to meet her parents."

A spark came in Umera's eyes and she spoke wisely. "That's even better. You can tell him that you know he's alone so we can keep him company." Jawad agreed and went to call Salman.

Umera decided to make an especially good dinner for Salman and dress herself up in her best clothes. She told herself that she was doing it to soften him up for Jawad's request, so it was all right, but deep inside she knew that she wanted to look sexy just for Salman.

Salman was pleasantly surprised to receive the dinner invitation. He bought some chocolates for the children and a bouquet of flowers, and arrived right on time. Jawad received him warmly and led him to the lounge, and after a few minutes, Umera came in with drinks.

The moment she entered, Salman's sixth sense hinted that there was something different about Umera, in the way she was walking, the way she was smiling, and the way she was dressed up. She was wearing a provocatively traditional white satin qameez with a red shilwar. Her qameez was quite low-cut in front, and he could see her cleavage. She looked ravishing from every perspective, from the sway of her gleaming hair to the bangles that jingled as she moved, to the delicate red paint on her toenails. Salman gazed at her and felt like he was in heaven.

Salman couldn't keep his eyes off Umera. Once she caught him staring at her and she blushed, realizing Salman was looking at her in a romantic way. She smiled back shyly, and noticed that his gazes were dropping below her face. Umera felt a thrill, believing that the man that was the object of her fantasies was so obviously interested in her. Almost unconsciously she flirted back and became friendlier, all the while congratulating herself on making a good impression for Jawad's sake. The more Salman looked at Umera, the more he was excited by the way that she talked with him and the way she looked at him when Jawad wasn't watching. She obviously knew what was on his mind and far from acting offended, she seemed to be interested in him.

Umera left them, saying that dinner was almost ready. Salman watched Umera bring the dishes to the table, though trying not to be too obvious with his staring. He stood where he'd be behind her as she worked, so as not to miss the fabulous view of her full, generous, swaying hips. He thanked his lucky stars that he'd worn loose-cut slacks that hid the bulge growing as he watched Umera move.

At the table, Umera sat down opposite Salman. Since the table was fairly narrow, it was quite natural that his knee should touch Umera's occasionally. At first she thought it was accidental, but Salman kept up the touching, light at first, then firmer and more lingering when she didn't pull away. She shyly looked up into his eyes to make sure that he was really doing what she thought he was. He met her gaze and they both smiled.

Salman kept the conversation going with Jawad as best he could, while slowly rubbing his knee up and down Umera's leg. It seemed, if anything, that Umera pushed back even harder, and was impressed by her courage as she pressed her leg against his so passionately and wantonly. The butterflies began fluttering in his stomach began to jump, as he started to have some hope that his wishes might be fulfilled. Above the table, Umera continued to converse as though nothing unusual was happening, but Salman began to find it difficult to concentrate on the dinner. It was getting too hot for him, while Umera began to worry that either her husband or her children would notice something. It was difficult for both of them to keep their minds on the food and the conversation, with the action going on under the table.

"You're eating very slowly," Umera noted, her voice throaty. "Don't you like my cooking?" She moved against him again, her foot becoming more insistent against his leg. She looked at him, her lips half parted. Her eyes had become very dark, and that intoxicating look was inviting and fascinating at the same time.

Salman responded to her touch by rubbing his foot against her ankle. "Oh no, Umera! You're wonderful – ah, a wonderful cook." She smiled into his eyes.

Salman couldn't believe what was happening. For a moment it seemed like a nightmare where there was no boundary between right and wrong. He moved his leg back and saw Umera exhale softly, guessing that perhaps she had had enough. He turned his attention back to the food and the conversation, and Umera took a breath before excusing herself to clear the table. The exciting play under the table had made her perspire, and when she went to the kitchen, her qameez clung tightly to her ass, which Salman watched intently. As she passed by, he brushed his hand gently against her thigh.

Umera was excited and feeling a little reckless. When Jawad went to the bathroom, she whispered seductively, "You give a good foot massage. Drop in whenever you like. I'm usually at home in the mornings." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, half of her wished she could take them back, but the other half fluttered eagerly at the thought of what might happen if Salman took her up on her offer.

After dinner, Salman and Jawad sat up late together, talking and laughing about stories and people they remembered from their childhood. At last Jawad had to admit that he wouldn't have the money on time and Salman, pretending to be reluctant, agreed to an extension.

Over the next few days, Salman couldn't concentrate much on his work, for he kept thinking about Umera's voluptuous body and her scandalously provocative behavior. Finally, frustrated by his obsession, he decided that the only thing he could do was to go and see Umera. He drove to her neighborhood and parked down the street, as his car was well known to the neighbors and he didn't want anyone to talk.

When she answered the door Umera was surprised to see him. During the intervening days, her more logical side had convinced herself that what had happened during dinner had only been a harmless flirtation. She'd propositioned Salman on impulse and then convinced herself that he'd never take her up on the offer, so was taken aback when he actually appeared.

Salman saw the confusion on her face, and wondered if he had made a mistake. "If you're busy, I can come back another time," he said.

"No, no, please come in," she said, smiling shyly, leading him to the living room and offering him a cup of tea.

Salman could see that she was a little nervous and off-balance. "I'd love a cup of tea, if it's not too much trouble," he said, more to give her time to collect herself than because he wanted anything to drink.

"Oh, it's no trouble. I was going to make some tea for myself anyway. Just give me a few minutes while I make some." Umera hurried to the kitchen and thought frantically as she made the tea and fixed up a tray. Of course nothing could happen between them. He shouldn't even be there with nobody else at home. Her reputation would be ruined with the neighbors if they even suspected she were home alone with another man. And what would Jawad think?