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Both in our mid forties I decided that I should have another interest away from my job and motorcycles and a friend suggested golf. This I did spending countless hours at the driving range just self-learning how to actually hit a ball something like straight. This eventually led to me actually playing a course with my friend and it turns out that I was quite good at it too. I got home quite excited and told Carry my beautiful wife that I had broken what golfers call the 100 on my first day...99 but I broke the hundred. She was quite excited for me too and asked if she could learn so that we have a shared interest and this I agreed to readily, so the process started all over again but with Carry. She got quite competent herself and we played for weeks at the same quiet little course so as not to hold up any serious players or make fools of ourselves amongst low scorers ... oh and it was cheap too. There were never many people at this course due to it being not as good as most but this suited us, we could relax and take our time getting used to playing the game, those that were there though were mostly older, always very friendly and supportive of new players, they would always say hello to us when we got close to them on the course, Carry is a very good looking woman with a medium to slim build and always sexy whatever she's wearing. About 5'7 with brunette hair and a lovely pair if tits....not big but ample.

One particular spring day we turned up expecting it to be crowded and were both very surprised to find only five cars parked, we got our stuff ready and headed out to the first tee both of us in the mood to play our best ever game as always, these feelings had disappeared totally by the 5th green and I was feeling almost suicidal. I teed off and managed only about 50 yards then it was Carry's turn, she put all her concentration on the ball, swung and it went about 20 feet, I was about to suggest we go home when we heard a man's voice

"Uh oh," with a bit of a giggle "is someone having a bad day?"

I turned to see a guy that had walked across from the other fairway, he was in his early sixties wearing the normal designer gear along with a hat but actually had a very young look about him, he had strong facial features and a bit of a swagger in his walk, you had to be close to realise his true age.

"We're both having a shit of a round." I replied and giggled myself.

"Maybe I can give you a few pointers, especially your lovely lady here as I just saw her tee shot." he said.

"We'll take any help we can get today." was my reply to that one.

"I'm Ron by the way." he held out his hand and I shook it introducing Carry...

"And I'm Steve," I said.

"Ok then Steve there is nobody else chasing behind you so take your shot again and let me see," Ron suggested.

I took another ball from the bag and teed off again this time achieving over 100 yards "well it wasn't a bad hit" he said "but do another and this time set the ball higher on the tee just a few millimetres" which I did this time reaching 180 yards

"Wow that's lots better," I squealed in excitement "it felt real good now if you can do the same for Carry it would be marvellous."

"Ok Carry let me see you hit it." he said as he walked up onto the raised tee mound to stand closer.

Carry placed the ball on the tee but just as she was about to hit it he stopped her.

"Who taught you your grip and stance?" he asked

"Steve." she informed him.

"Ok well its not right so let me see if I can help." he said as he took the driver from her and ,meticulously explained every aspect of the shot he was setting up before giving her the club back.

Carry attempted to do what she'd just been told but still wasn't standing right.

"Steve do you mind if I help her to position?" Ron asked "It may be easier."

"You carry on Ron if it helps." I said not quite realising what he meant.

Ron got in close behind Carry with his arms running parallel to hers and the rest of his body pressing in close behind her even his legs following the contours of hers, after what seemed like ages Carry had a smile on her face that I hadn't worked out and there was a glint in Ron's eye as he went through all the stages of the stroke and final position.

I remember thinking at that time "I wished some woman would let me do that to her after 10 minutes of knowing her."

But then my brain returned and I knew this guy was only trying to help, finally he stepped back and Carry took the shot 100 yards plus

"That's much better," she said . "Good," he said "and do you feel ok about everything?"

"Absolutely fine Ron," Carry answered.

We thanked him for his help and he went back in the direction he came from. Another two hours and midday before we reached the end and decided that we needed a drink so we sat in a nearby café drinking coffee and to our surprise Ron came through the door,

"Hello again." we all said simultaneously

This started us off laughing then he joined us and made small talk about how the rest of the game had gone for us and so on. He then told us that he was going back for a second round in the afternoon and asked if we would like to join him, straight away Carry agreed but I had to think of what I needed to do that day, then, as I looked across the table I could see that 'please baby' look in her eyes so I agreed on condition that he was gentle ... with us being new players and all.

In the car heading the few miles to the course Carry started with that "promise you won't be mad but..." stuff

"Come on then Carry what is it?" I asked her.

"Wel ,l"......, she started .. "when Ron was showing me the position I should be in, I think he had a hard on."

"What?" I shouted "are you sure?"

"Well no," she said "but it was definitely something really hard pressing against me...I suppose it could have been a mobile phone or something else similar."

I was mad now "So why the hell did you want to come back to the course then?"

"Because it was sort of nice that he found me if that's what it was pressing against me " she quickly continued.

"What are you saying? " I asked her in a confused way, "That you enjoyed some pervy old bastard pressing his cock against your arse? "

"Yes if you must know," she answered very abruptly "and what if I did?.. you and I haven't fucked for weeks and I'm beginning to think that you don't find me attractive anymore."

I was more than a little shocked

"Oh come on I've been working hard for months now and I guess it's just catching up with me" it was the only excuse I could think of on the spot.

"So anyway," I continued "what do you propose to do about it? " I asked the question but was dreading the answer

"Well would you let me if I wanted to fuck him today? "... " I actually like him."

I thought for a few moments and conceded

"If that's what you really want ...after the way I've been lately the only fair answer is yes."

I felt strange saying it ..actually giving my wife permission to fuck with a total stranger but guilt kicked in and anyway we were in the car park now and she obviously wanted to.

"We'll probably find it was nothing at all," Carry said "and nothing will happen."

I said nothing.

We played the first 3 holes and we all hit pretty good, there was only small talk about the game between Ron and myself as we walked up the fairways, then, when we got to the fourth Carry asked me to make an excuse and disappear to the bathroom back at the car park

"Just to see if anything does happen," she added.

I didn't feel good about this but explained to Ron that I was caught short and needed to go, he had no problem with that at all and said he would use the time to give Carry a few pointers

"I'll bet you will you dirty old bastard," I thought.

I made my way through a line if trees and bushes toward the car park. After I had been gone a minute or so I got to thinking

"What if Ron is some kind of axe murderer serial killer or all those other stereotypical type killer things that he could be? "

I decided to head back their way, after all, I didn't need the bathroom and so I don't have to walk all that way just so long as they think I have As I got nearer to where I had left them I could see that they were still up on the tee mound and Ron was in the same position showing her the shot the same way that he had done earlier only this time I could also see that as she bent forward her top was riding up exposing the top of her lilac thong above her waistline

"So that's what put the glint in his eye," I thought "and it probably was a hard on then."

As there were ample trees and shrubbery nearby I decided to get closer just in case and watched intently as he used the excuse of teaching whilst constantly glaring at her underwear and rubbing against her.

He was whispering so I couldn't catch what was being said but suddenly Carry turned to face him and as he smiled she kissed him very gently on the lips, he responded by kissing her gently back and this continued for a couple of minutes until he whispered and then took her hand and led her my way

"OH SHIT!" I thought, "she's going to go nuts at me." He is going to think I'm some sort of perv too."

I ducked down as low as I could get on the opposite side of a bush as they made their way into the clump of trees where I was hiding, luckily too engrossed in each other to see me, and onto a raised lump of soft grass less than 10 feet from me. Ron softly laid Carry down on the highest part of the grass and continued to kiss her full on the lips, she made no attempt to stop him and I was getting ready, in my mind, for the worst to happen. Whilst still kissing her, Ron's hands were now starting to explore her body through her clothes up the side of her thigh on to her tummy and finally towards her small but firm tits, Carry's nipples are brown in colour and quite large I have always loved them but didn't know if I could watch someone else love them so I was just about to get to my feet when Carry shuffled down the grass a little and slowly pulled his sports bottoms down to reveal his shorts through which I could see his hardness, then, almost as if in the same move she pulled his shorts down too allowing his now very hard cock to spring out, not very long maybe 4-5 inches but very thick and it looked very very hard. At this I sat back down wondering if she would actually go through with it, Ron whispered something to her and she took hold of his cock working it very slowly then put it to her lips and after licking the tip and around the helmet she slid her mouth over it very gently.

Carry worked that cock like a real expert licking and sucking up and down the whole length of it, occasionally licking right down to his balls and around his scrotum almost to his arse and the whole time keeping it slow and gentle. After five minutes or so Ron softly pulled her head upwards towards his he kissed her once again then bent and removed her shoes without unlacing them and pulled off her golf pants leaving her in the lacy lilac thong and sports socks, she moaned as he ran his hand up her thigh and across her pubic area writhing under his touch, he lowered himself down between her legs and after pulling her thong to one side began to bury his tongue into her thick bush licking and nibbling coming up occasionally to kiss and lick her thighs both sides.

Somehow my thinking had changed this was a beautiful thing that was taking place right in front of me, even if, between my wife and a total stranger. But what if someone else comes by ...I quietly sneaked behind my hiding place and took a peak over the shrubbery for other players but there was no one heading that way. When I got back to my place they had turned a little and I could see his hard cock slowly sliding in and out of Carry's now very wet vagina with her underwear pulled to one side they were both in heaven and she was moaning softly Ron had lifted her top and was licking and kissing Carry's nipples and I knew that she was about to explode. Almost as soon as I got to thinking she would...she did and she grabbed Ron's head pulling it upward before kissing him passionately on the lips, the face and the eyes whilst her body was wriggling from top to bottom in sheer ecstasy, arching her back and moaning more and more before dropping back to the floor. I looked at my watch and realised it had been 25 minutes since I left and Ron could get suspicious so I crept around the other side of the tree line until I reached the furthest point then shouted across....

"I'm back ...hope you two have been behaving."

Making my way through the trees I slowed down a little as I noticed that they didn't quite have time to get properly dressed and Carry still had her shoes off. As I got to them Carry had one shoe on now and was unlacing the other,

"Carry's got something in her shoe Steve." he said as I approached .

"Oh trust her." I answered with a laugh. I looked at my watch and said...

"Look sorry Ron but because of me we won't have time to finish this game we got to run can we do this again in the near future? "

"Of course," came Ron's reply "anytime you feel like it.".

We said our goodbyes and made our way across the fairways to the car leaving Ron playing his round.

On the way home I wondered if Carry was going to tell me or what.

I couldn't wait so I asked her "So what happened whilst I was gone, did he try it on? "

"Oh yes." she answered immediately,

"Ok" I mumbled "how far did he go? "

"All the way and then a little more." Carry replied a real smile on her face"

"Well at least your being honest with me, and was there anything special about it for you? " I asked

"I did have a great orgasm he's a very sexy man he whispers things the whole time and I find that very sexy indeed."

"Did he cum bucket-loads into you?, Probably not had sex for a while," I said in quite a spiteful way "and what sort of things does he whisper to you that you found so sexy? "

"No he didn't come at all... you came back before he had the chance...he whispers things like are a beautiful woman are very sexy as well as intelligent...I love your tits and beautiful nipples ....Oh and..... Steve is in the bushes watching."