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We decided to go out dancing for the evening. There was this new place we heard about in Orlando. It was supposed to be a bit risqué and a lot of fun. Judy wore a short skirt and button down white silk blouse with long puffy sleeves. It was low-cut enough to let you know that she had something "special".

We got there and found out that all the floors were made of glass. We got a table in a corner and ordered drinks. We danced and were having a good time. After a bit another couple asked to sit at our table with us. They were about our age and seemed really nice. We all danced, drank and talked. We were really getting friendly. While we were sitting I mentioned that I could see what color the underpants were of both the women because of the mirrors on the floor. We joked about it and continued to dance. It was warm and Judy was sweating as we danced. Her blouse was becoming transparent. Her dark nipples showed right through the fabric. They were standing right out. The girls went off to the bathroom.

When they came back they were giggling. We asked what was so funny and they stood up side-by-side and asked me to tell them what color their underpants were. I looked down at the mirror and realized that both had taken them off. I could see both their cunts. So could Sam, Jill's husband. We both laughed and applauded. When we did, several people looked at the girls. They laughed and spun around so that more of their assets could be seen and they got a bigger applause. They sat down and Judy asked if we liked what we saw. We both said that it was great. The girls said that they had more surprises for us during the evening.

We drank and danced all evening. The girls got a lot of attention when they were on the dance floor. At times their skirts were up to their waist, hiding nothing. Judy danced a lot with Sam and I danced with Jill. I watched Sam's hand go under Judy's skirt and rub her bare ass as they danced.

Later in the evening the girls asked if we could go and walk along the beach that ran along the club we were at. We moved to tables that they had on the patio, left our drinks and went down to the beach, all lit up from the club lights. It was beautiful. As we walked towards the water the girls dropped their skirts and blouses and ran naked to the water. Running past several couples on the beach. Sam and I sat in the sand and watched the two girls along with a dozen other people as they played in the water.

They played like kids, throwing mud and sand at each other. Sam jumped up and started to run towards them. He was removing his clothes as he ran. He was naked by the time he hit the water. I turned and saw that the patio had filled with people from the club. They came out to watch the show. Sam grabbed both girls by the hand and they run back up the beach, past me and into the club; still naked. I went in and the three of them were on the dance floor dancing. Everyone else was sitting watching the spectacular show. Sam was laying on the floor and the two girls were all over his body. My eyes nearly popped out when Judy sat up on him and guided his dick into her. She was riding him like a bucking horse right there on the dance floor.

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