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Several of us couples had decided to give Steve a birthday party. We were going to have it at our house. We were trying to decide on the appropriate gift when it was decided that one of the wives would do a strip tease dance for him (down to a bikini). After much discussion it was decided that Judy would do it. The wives spent hours shopping for just the right swim suit. They ended up with a scanty t-back. On the day of the party Judy spent all day preparing. She was a nervous wreck.

That night guests starting arriving and games and drinking began. At the appropriate time we had Steve sit on a chair in the center of the room. It was decided that Judy and two of her friends, Kathy and Gerri, would start the dance. Kathy and Gerri would drop away and Judy would continue to her bathing suit. All three were dressed in loose and flowing white sun dresses.

They danced around Steve, making sexual movements and invitations. As the two other girls moved away Judy stood right in front of Steve and started her dance. Her movements were fluid and very sensual. She kept brushing up against Steve, rubbing his shoulders, messing up his hair and bending over in front of him so he could see down here cleavage. She looked at Steve with this "oh, you want more" look and took one of her straps off her shoulder as she danced. The crowd in the room was going along chanting "more, more". Steve just sat there with a grin. Judy lowered the other strap and turned around and pressed her ass up against Steve's side and told him to unzip her dress. He did as she danced up against him.

She turned towards him and was holding the dress up in the front. She stepped away and danced so that the dress dropped down. She was wearing a little black silk teddy. She danced some more and the gang was asking for more. She lowered the straps of the teddy and again let it fall off her body. Clad now in the bikini, a strapless top and t-back, she danced around Steve. She was rubbing up against him, brushing her hair in his face. She backed up to him so that her bare ass was pushed right up to his face as he sat. The crowd started to chant "kiss her ass". Judy wiggled her ass in his face so Steve kissed both cheeks and the gang cheered. Judy reached behind and took his hands and made him rub her cheeks and she grinded them in his face. She moved away and continued to dance.

The crowd was shouting "more, more" again. Judy looked up at me with this "what do I do smile". I nodded "go for it". She smiled even more as she danced in front of Steve. I could tell she was really getting into this. So was I. She reached behind her and unhooked the bathing suit top. She squeezed her arms against her breast and shook her shoulders. The only thing holding the top on was the pressure of her arms. She danced right up to Steve and raised her arms and the top fell into his lap. Her bare breasts were inches from his face. The crowd went wild. She stepped back and danced letting those beautiful breasts go. She danced really close to Steve; danced around back of him and pressed her breasts up against the back of his head. Leaving them against his head she moved around to the front; straddling his legs and pressed them against his face: smothering him.

She looked up at me and saw my smile and looked into my eyes and she jiggled her bare breasts in his face. I thought that I was going to cum right there. She danced away from him and continued to do a very sexy dance to the music. The crowd was really enjoying the show and it was obvious that Steve was. He couldn't take his eyes off of Judy. The crowd continued to chant "more, more". Again Judy looked at me for permission. She was wearing only the t-back bottom. I nodded again and she smiled again.

She danced towards Steve and took his hands into hers. She hooked his thumbs into each side of her bikini and dropped her hands. He started to pull the pants down. Slowly, to the music. When her pubic hair started to show the crowd applauded her. Soon, she was dancing naked in front of Steve and the entire room full of people. She danced up to Steve and sat into his lap. She had herself pressed up against his obvious hard-on. He reached behind her and grabbed her ass and pulled her even closer to him. She was grinding into him and this made the crowd cheer. The crowd was going crazy, shouting more-more. But, there was no more to take off. She stepped off of Steve and danced back.

She motioned for him to get off the chair. When he stood up she motioned him to stand in front of her; she was dancing to the music the entire time. She pushed down on his shoulders indicating for him to get down on his knees. Which he did in front of her dancing body. His face was just below her navel. She pushed his face into her belly and the crowd chanted "lower-lower"; which he did. He had his face right into her cunt; we all could see his tongue darting in and out. Judy laid back onto the carpet and Steve really got into eating her. Judy rolled him over under her and straddled him. She started to unbutton his shirt then undid his pants. She was beyond asking me for permission.

She was lost in a frenzy. All the time keeping to the music. The crowd was clapping to the time and encouraging her on. Soon, Steve was naked, too. She had his very hard dick in her hand and bent down to kiss it. The crowd was telling her to take it all. Which she did. She then sat up and guided him into her and she began to ride him. They fucked until they both came and the crowd went crazy. Judy got up, came over to me and kissed me hard and whispered into my ear "did you enjoy my special show for you"? There was no doubt that I did. During our love making we relive that party over and over again!.